Tuesday, July 10, 2007
(apparently all of my blog titles are going to begin with an "s" this week.)

got some photos & such to share today, plus the link to this awesome event!

Scrap Etc. 2008 Event- Tell the Story Only You Can Tell

I'm going to be heading up coordinating stuff with communications; emails and such with the attendees and the teachers. Monique has such a cool vision for this event; I really really believe this is going to be the best one yet. And hello- check out the teachers lined up! Woopee!

Alright, here's my little contribution to the blogging world today:

First up, we went to a 40th anniversary party for Shaun's aunt & uncle last weekend, and I made them this card & little photo book.

I made this layout yesterday... wanting to just scrapbook... not for anything in particular, just wanting to sit down and create some stuff. It's been too long.

And finally, this little guy, at 14 months, has started walking. (The video hasn't totally loaded to youtube yet, so check back this afternoon & it should be there.) :)

Anonymous Molly said...
Virginia! he is adorable... Sloan is still not walking :(

and can I just say how very excited I am about the upcoming SEevent... the site is fabu

We should get together for coffee or even a Playdate soon. Miss you

Blogger Amy said...
well, first I am so excited about the event!
secondly, great layout! love it!
and lastly....he's so stinkin' cute toddling around like that! :)

Blogger Adrienne said...
Look at my BABY!!!!!!! *gasp*

Anonymous Anonymous said...
YAY! Now he can run into my arms and I can SQUEEZE him to bits!


~old Hinkley

Blogger Jenney said...
I love it!!! I miss those sweet baby steps when they're still a little unsure! Thanks so much for sharing! Makes me want to drag out the home videos. =)

This years event is going to ROCK!!!! I cannot wait!

Blogger Katie said...
cute butt!

Blogger michelle said...
oh my goodness! I can't believe this. That is too cute.

Blogger mary h. said...
He is too stinkin' cute!!!!

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