Monday, July 09, 2007
i think i am in major denial.

i have dreaded this for several years, in fact, and now that it's upon me, i really am ignoring it.

what was once a daily routine of checking muggle news and jkr's website has been blatantly set aside for months.

i just can't handle the truth.

my beloved harry potter is coming to an end.

you may think i am saying all of this tongue in cheek, or with a wee bit of wryness to it, but you couldn't be more wrong.

i'm dreading it. i almost don't even want to read it.

there will be no more speculation, no more juicy discussions of whether sirius is truly gone or not (yes, jeremy, he is!), no more events to coughdressupforcoughcough attend, no more examining cover illustrations prior to the release with the zoom feature, no more little plastic round glasses given out at barnes & noble....

no more anticipation.

as stephen king so aptly put it, " No ending can be right, because it shouldn't be over at all. The magic is not supposed to go away."

(for his parting eulogy for harry & company, go here)

so now, the true countdown begins.

wednesday night: the movie of the year for me.

and next week, the final chapter...
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh, V, I am truly sorry! I have read all of the HP books, seen all the movies, and although I am not as dedicated a fan as many are, I am also sad to see it end! Stephen King's quote is so perfect! But I have another one for you--"Don't cry because it's because it happened." (Charles Schulz) Little comfort, I know--but just think how cool it will be when your children are able to read and you can experience it all again for "the first time" through them!

Anonymous Molly Bridges said...
I can relate... I am living in denial reading books 1-6 with great rapture as if they have just been released. I have told Slade he needs to take the kids out of town the weekend of the release so I can caccoon in and mourn the ending of this literary legacy, no matter how it ends.

Blogger Katie said...
i know ... i don't want to resd it either! and the really suck-ey (is that a word?) part is that i have to b/c we're doing a lock in at the library, so if i don't read it, some over caffeinated teen on a sugar high will speed read it and give it away!
i'm really very grumpy about it ...
p.s. i think it would be much better to serialize the last darn book so it could stretch out over at least a year or so, no?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I know, my friend. I feel the same. What is even sadder to me is any group of people who are against such wonderful and fanciful tales.
But just like Dumby had to leave, Harry must leave us. It is all part of the hero's journey.
And we will find other adventures!!!
love ya, chick!

~old hinkley

Blogger mary h. said...
I am in denial. I refuse to believe that it is gonna end. She must for my sanity continue on with the character lines she has created. There are so many other avenues to take. So many interesting characters that she just can't say goodbye to. Maybe this is why I never did reserve/preorder a copy. I have to bring myself to face whatever lies within.

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