Sunday, July 22, 2007
the end.
finished the book early this morning at 1:05 am. am taking today to just mull over things and make the thoughts connect that the series is actually over.

would love to discuss thoughts, but i'll keep them confined to comments on this post so as to not accidentally spoil the book for anyone.


ETA: Pics from the release (these aren't the greatest, but they have very very fond memories for me now). :)

Blogger Katie said...
OK V ... spill ... what did you think????

Blogger Virginia said...
WOw... well, at this point, really, words don't really come to me to describe my full feelings... I am really sad, but like you said, I also feel vindicated. I am very satisfied with the way it ended. I was right, or close, with several things that I thought would happen, so it was nice to see all the mysteries solved (or at least, I think they all are... I haven't really thought thoroughly about it).

One thing that I thought would come into play somehow was that he had his mother's eyes... guess it was just a symbol through the books to show his connection to her and to remind Snape of why he was protecting Harry.

I swear I heard cheers all around the world when Molly took on Bellatrix. Man, that's got to be one of the best parts in the whole series.

I was bawling my eyes out when Dobby died, and Tonks and Lupin and Fred... and poor Hedwig and Colin Creevey. And I was sobbing when Harry was walking to his "death," even though I knew in the back of my head that there had to be a loophole for the "Boy Who Lived."

I loved that he went to "King's Cross." It was something I thought he might have to end up doing- go into the afterlife, per se. Just to kind of tie up the thoughts about death being the next great adventure and conquering that fear and etc etc.

Hmmm what else... just random thoughts: loved that Hermione gave Ron a big smooch about the house elves comment; loved that was saw redemption in several characters (Kreacher, Snape, Draco, etc.); was really glad that Neville got a chance to get rid of one of the Horcrux's and so fulfill a little of his own destiny (and also come into showing some of his true Gryffindor colors with his bravery during the persecution of Hogwarts) oh and that he ended up Herbology prof.... thought that the ending walks and scenes in Hogwarts were a good sense of closure for the reader..

I was a little sad that we didn't get to hear what sort of occupation Harry ended up doing (or did we and I just missed that?). I kind of thought he would end up teaching DADA.

Ok, those are my thoughts for the moment, I am sure I will think of more.

Blogger Katie said...
Could not agree more. The best of the 7. I just love a happy ending. Love the epilogue. Cried when Lily told Harry she was so proud of him. Brian made fun of me for that. Loved the way she wrapped up the Snape controversy. I was glad you were right, V. also liked giving Dumbledore a "drak" side if you one is perfect. Was totally thrown by Nangini in Godric's Hollow. Should have been tipped off by the "smell of bad meat". Was also happy that Harry's wand got repaired.

Question: Was there something going on with Voldemort and Bellatrix? JK seemed to go out of her way to show that Bellatrix was overly concerned about him and when Molly killed her he got upset. That was the only time I remember him being upset about any of his people dying. Also would like to know what Harry did for a living.

Blogger Katie said...
Also thought that it could be cool for JK to do a "prequel" series... more details about Harry's parents when they were at Hogwarts, etc.

Blogger Virginia said...
Yes, I would like to see a prequel series too... I think JKR has said that she won't do that (or at least, we would know everything we needed to know about the Marauders and Lily by the end of the HP series).

I thought the Bellatrix/Voldemort connection was strange too; definitely seemed like there was something there. Wasn't she married at some point though?

Yes, I was boo-hooing when Lily & the guys were there with Harry.

One other thing-

what was the cover art about? Did I miss the scene where they were in a Coliseum?

Blogger Virginia said...
Oh and- what role was "Aunt Muriel" playing in the series? I felt like she was supposed to be there for some "reason"... I guess I was just reading into it too much. I suppose she was just there to get Harry doubting about Dumbledore. (Oh and I agree about the dark side of Dumbledore... I went through a lot of the same emotions Harry was feeling about him, but it all came out alright in the end.)

Something else I enjoyed seeing- the scene between Harry & Dudley at the beginning of the book. :)

Blogger Kimberly said...
I've got to read the books! Also, read my blog and you will know how YOUR blog is making me crazy!

Blogger Christa said...
I will weigh in a couple of my first thoughts here (though when it comes to contradicting you true HP fans I will back down instantly):

I really loved the stuff with Kreacher, very heartwarming and somehow that type of story is to me the type of thing that J.K.R. does better than anyone, if that makes sense.

I loved Ron's battle with the locket Horcrux,and him having to face such scary inner demons and the quick back and forth between him and Harry after that, how Harry tells him he's been trying to tell him all along that it's not as glorious as it sounds.

I was thinking right before Mrs. Weasley got Bellatrix, "I was kind of wishing Ron's mom would have been more involved in the battle." But then, it seemed kind of contrived to me, like it was a made for the movie moment. I feel like I have seen that formula so many times in movies. Like I said, though, I bow to your thoughts on that, you have been a fan far longer than I.

In general, though, I loved the involvement of the women in the book. Hermione pretty much kicked ass the whole time, and McGonagall (sp?) finally got to shine, I thought.

I had mixed thoughts about all of the Snape stuff, and I think there seemed to be too much explaining in general. I would have liked for some of that already to have been resolved in earlier books, I think. It was just too much at times.

I could have used a whole other wrap-up chapter before the epilogue, though. One more trip to the Burrow, for old time's sake? :)

All in all, best childrens / young adults series ever.

A good time was had by all.

Blogger Lisa said...
i knew there would be discussion somewhere. sadly i don't have much to add - ya'll covered it all. i got chills when ron's mum went after bellatrix. i too thought she had the hots for voldy!! i kept losing sight of whether or not i could trust snape. i feel like i need to reread the end - the last few chapters. it was confusing to me at times in the end. and yep, the women kicked some but. V - i was thinking of you once i figured out the harry was the last horcrux (sp). you called it didn't you? :) jason is the slowest reader, he's savory every word. we bought two copies so we could read it at the same time. shameful huh? i can't discuss anything since he isn't near the middle yet. i was so happy at the end to know they couples ended up as they did, sad for teddy though. i love tonks character. but it's heartwarming to see so many fight for what was right. oh i can't wait for the movies - that's all we have to hold onto. i hope the prequels will happen. jason and i have been talking about that for months. it would be great to learn more and more about each character and where they came from!!! glad i found somewhere to spill - i was stressing over keeping it all in!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
ok, nothing about thoughts on the book, per se. I just wanted to write and say that when I saw your blog and the pictures I started crying really hard. I think I was depressed all Sunday, but I kept pushing it away. Why can't she figure out a way to write more? I don't want it to stop. But anyway, my poor, understanding husband is having to consoul someone who is crying that no more HP books will be written.
(also, it is my 'lady days' as Mal puts it) connections? I think so.

~old hinkley

Anonymous Rachel Garcia said...

i loved the pics. that seemed like a lot of fun to wait out there. I haven't read any of the books but I would wait in that line for season 4 of Lost. I can't wait for that to start again.

hey can you tell ginger that I have tried getting in touch with her?

Blogger melita said...
Great pics Virginia and loving the shirt! You ladies cover it all! Already had to go back and reread the last few chapters because I blew through them to fast! =)

Blogger Cheryl Wray said...
I can't remember the time I felt so much EMOTION reading a book. I cried and cried (Dobby's death was the one that first got me); I'd calm down and then it would come back again. The chapter with Snape's memories just racked me with sobs. And then the epilogue--when it said Albus Severus I just absolutely lost it!
LOVED it SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger Sarah said...
Could hardly breathe reading it. Totally geeking out.

All in all, she stayed true to her excellent writing and plot development, and tied up all the lose ends. The ending was so great, that I closed the book feeling satisfied that the story was over, and I didn't need to hear more.

I liked knowing that history seemed to be repeating itself, the same story of his parents, himself and then his kids in the epilogue.

I loved that he saved Draco. And that he got rid of the elder wand. And that Dumbledore was fallible.
She makes the characters so realistic, such a beautiful thing.

I loved the bit with Nigel too. I guessed that he might really be the chosen one, and would die in the end, but very glad to see he got herbology. I don't think that she could have given Harry his profession without spoiling it for some of the readers (auror, DADA, retired hero and stay at home dad, etc...) But I do want to know who was the headmaster!

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