Monday, June 25, 2007
i hate coming up with titles.
We're back into a normal swing of things here after a week of Camp Grandma's (I went there too for a few days and got a little relaxing in).

I just had to share some pics (of course) and also, a story from the insanity that is my life.

I decided that this pregnancy, I was going to attempt to do some exercise, since I didn't do it either of my other pregnancies, and hope that it would help me out with all the side affects (like the lovely swollen ankles that I tend to get). I did some research and ended up getting this:

I tried it out for the first time today, and I was kind of dreading it. I am not an "exercise" person; I don't enjoy it at all. I hate feeling sweaty and out of breath, and I don't really feel like I ever see results (probably because I usually only last about a week). All of this, I know, is my own prissiness and poor attitude.

I actually REALLY liked this video. I felt like I got a workout but that I wasn't in over my head... it was totally manageable for someone like me, who is rather, shall we say, coordinationally challenged. Not a lot of complicated moves, but fun and definitely getting my blood flowing.

Anyways, so I'm doing it with Em & Atticus wandering around beneath my feet...Emerson dressed in a tank top & shorts like Mommy (if something requires a wardrobe change she's definitely in on it) and Atticus practicing his walking skills. I'm getting going, feeling a bit sweaty but not gross, and the workout chic is saying to "breathe deep," etc., like they always say.

I don't think she counted on the participants of the video having someone with poop in their diaper beneath their feet, because breathing in deep was NOT a good choice for me at the moment.

So after we get that little issue squared away, I move on to the yoga/floor exercise portion of the vid. Emerson has worn herself out after running circles around me during the salsa/cha-cha-cha section, so she's chilling on the chair just watching me do these funny stretches.

Atticus, on the other hand, thinks it's a GREAT idea that I'm down on the floor on his level, so he decides to use me as a jungle gym and repeatedly tackles me, rolls around on my criss-crossed legs, and generally makes it really difficult for me to "breathe in deeply" (yet again) and close my eyes, visualize the little baby growing inside of me, yada yada yada.

So all in all- a good exercise session. ;)

Actually, all this aside, I really liked it and felt good about myself. I'll definitely be trying to keep up with this 3-4 times a week

Gotta run, Emerson's been begging me to read "David in Trouble" (which she really loves for the burping "Excuuuuuuse me" picture) and then both kiddos are going down for a nap... I'll be back later to update with some photos from Grams' house after I get them edited.
Blogger michelle said...
That was absolutely hysterical! I loved it. I am SO proud of you too.

Blogger Adrienne said...
ROFLOL!!!! Glad you liked it girl! YAY! Go you!!!

Blogger care-in said...
Good for you! I think you got an extra workout!

Blogger Dollar General said...
That was hilarious!

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