Wednesday, June 13, 2007
baby news.
we heard baby's heartbeat today. hooray! (and only one heartbeat, thank God, especially after mutltiple dreams about... well.. having multiple babies!)

need to get to bed but wanted to check in here briefly.
also, to show these silly pics.

nighty night!
Blogger Dollar General said...
Those are so cute! I have a picture in my slide show Delilah made me take for you! Go see!
That's so exciting to hear the heartbeat! I can't believe you officially have more kids than me! CRAZY! I'm dying for another one but I'm waiting...

Blogger Katie said...
awwwwwwww ... look at that chubby wubby baby seepin' - he so kewt.
luv it!
last night i dreamed that i was pregnant too ... and i had a copy of deathly hallows! sad part is, i don't know which would be more exciting.
so glad you heard a heartbeat!
can't wait to see more pics =)

Blogger Adrienne said...
awww, yay! glad everything is going okay!!!

Blogger michelle said...
YAY!! on the heart beat. That is always such a sweet time. Those pictures are too cute. I can't wait to see the new babe.

Blogger Katie said...
How cute are the Tillery chiuldren? I know Baby 3 will be just as darling!

Anonymous gretchen said...
cute pics V!!

Blogger Jenney said...
Sweet photos!!

Yeah! for hearing the (one) heartbeat!

Blogger Abbey said...
Thank you God for tiny strong heartbeats...That's exciting!
Hope you're feeling good today...

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