Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Am I still living?
Why, yes, yes I am.

Mostly it's the sort of living that makes your days blur together and make you thankful for good food and a good nap. We're still living in the midst of the throes of the first trimester, although it's been better than my first two pregnancies as far as the actual throwing up is concerned. (I'm sure you all wanted to know that, eh?)

At the moment, we're jamming out (wow, I feel really cheesy saying that) to the Fratellis:

The kids totally dig them... completely ridiculous to look in the back of the van and see both of their little heads bobbing to it. Love it.

At the moment we're waiting on our friends Harper Lee & Liv to come over and chill with us today... looking to hear lots of giggles for the next few hours. (Hopefully giggles...)

I started packing my kits for my Scrap Etc. "Cherish Today" class this weekend. WOW I cannot believe how full the class is. I am really pumped... I've started trying to think up what I will teach next month. Any suggestions?

Since I've been out of the loop, I didn't post it here, but I did upload my June layouts for Crop Addcit... you can check 'em out here.....

Here's a sneaky peeky:

I've been working on getting my Christmas shopping done, thanks to some big sales I've hit recently. I've NEVER been one of those people that gets their shopping done early, although I've always imagined myself to be. This year, however, knowing that I'm going to be LARGELY pregnant come the fall & holiday season, I'm trying to get it knocked out now. I'd say I've got about 70% purchased so far! WOOHOO!

I should probably get off of here now... the girls will be here soon and I'm also watching some ebay auctions for cute maternity shirts... can never have enough comfy & cute maternity tops. Especially at the rate we're going. ;)

Later dudes!

(P.S. I've been in denial that Charlie is gone from LOST... I didn't really think he was until I was told that the creator's confirmed it. I am seriously overwrought about this. :( Poor Charlie. I don't think I can re-watch that final episode now, knowing that the end result is what it is.)

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Blogger Adrienne said...
she lives!! So nice to "see" your voice!!!

Blogger Andy said...
glad you're back. i'm also glad to hear the you are doing okay. it will get better. you know that though. about charlie on lost, i'm totally bummed too. it was a great episode though.

Blogger care-in said...
Elliya has a song she bobs her head too, I should post it. I saw your stuff on CA, awesome as usual! Good job on planning ahead, now just don't forget where you put them all in the meantime!

Blogger care-in said...
I just came back to hear the song...I had Michelle's page open at the same time and just realized I was hearing her song when I first came here! I like it!

Blogger Jenney said...
Glad you're back, girl!! Just take it one day at a time and before you know it, you'll have a sweet little smelling-like-heaven baby in your arms!!

Have a great time at your class this weekend!!

Blogger michelle said...
I have somehow missed this post. I LOVE the music girl!!! And I am so proud of your Christmas shopping. If you ever want a partner let me know.

Blogger Rachel Garcia said...
oh how i would have loved a spoiler warning on LOST. We just started watching and are just now on the third season, fifth episode. Wow.. glad to know you alive..sad that charlie is not..apparently. ;-)

Blogger squeaky said...
hey girl...been lurking for a while. the whole scrapbooking thing is so not up my alley but i love to look at the stuff you and karen come up with. it's amazing. (ps i'm listening to my girls play red light green light in our living room right now). uh just wanted to say congrats on the new addition...your posts always make me smile...and we really need to come out and visit with you guys sometime. later, e-

Blogger Jamie Elmore said...
Glad you are back to blogging!

I know all too well how those sick days feel. I hope you start getting your energy back soon. Please remind me how old your kids are again. Sorry..

Good for you for thinking ahead and getting all that shopping done. You are smart! Now just do not forget who you bought what. :)

Off to check out your Crop Addict gallery.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey Virge its me Christina I felt the same way about Charlie I was in denial as well :( also congrats on baby #3 hang in there sweetness!!

Lots of Love,
Christina Marie

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