Friday, May 11, 2007
Scrappy stuff
not much going on here, just trying to make it through the days... you ever just get bogged down by mundane things?

here's a few little creations i've done lately:

the first is a frame i made for a lady at church- she "commissioned" me to make something for her mom for mother's day... she wanted a garden theme.

this is a card i made using my friend karen's stamp... it's not following the rules of her challenge (we challenge each other with scrapbooking & card making stuff), but i just couldn't resist playing with the stamp already. heheh

(sorry for the overly pink picture- that's what i get for taking it on top of a pink tablecloth!)

getting ready for the weekend... just gotta make it through today and then the hubby will be around to help ease the burden of the kiddos. :)

then looking forward to tuesday... or rather, looking sadly forward to tuesday- i'm getting together with my "lorelei" (my aunt ginger) to watch the series finale of gilmore girls. i can't believe it! (although i do have to say that ever since the let the original writers go, the show hasn't been the same to me.) i've watched this show since it's beginning- when i was 20- so we've kind of all grown up together. i'll miss you GG!
Blogger Karen said...
cute cute! are those flowers on the frame hand cut? probably so knowing you!

Anonymous Debbie said...
Adorable frame and LOVE the card!

Blogger Disney Scrapper said...
I'm just dropping by all of my scrapfriends blogs and wishing them a Happy Mother's Day. VA I love the stuff you have been posting.

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