Friday, May 04, 2007
Non scrappers, beware.
Because the following post will probably sound uber-nerdy to you.

You see, tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day.

(Ok Kim, you can stop laughing now.)

And I will be working at Scrap Etc. 2 (at the Pinnacle in Trussville) to help celebrate it!

We are launching a few promotions for some classes, so I'll be releasing pics and details about my class after this weekend, but in the meantime, here are some sneak peeks:

Monique has been WAY generous with the sales and the things being given away, so you should stop by! You can at least stop by to see me! ;)

And when you do, you might be surprised to see this:

My new haircut! I looooove it! It was time to get rid of some excess..... it takes too fricken long to fix when it is long. Thanks to my awesome friend (and Atticus' girlfriend), Kari Ann, I finally trust someone to understand what I want with my hair. She totally rocks. :)
Later dudes!
Blogger michelle said...
I LOVEY LOVE the hair! you are too cute.

Blogger Abbey said...
I agree. Very very cute on you, girl. You must have had several inches cut. Wasn't it pretty long??

Anonymous gretchen said...
look at you, you hottie!!! i will miss you tomorrow!! you sure you don't want to come to SE1!??

Blogger Karen said...
Super cute hair! Fun Fun!

VEEEE!! you look AWESOME!!! Come to the OTHER store tomorrow!!!!!!

Anonymous Linh Chin-Lai said...
Love your hair! So cute on you. That's one bad thing about having two Scrap Etc. stores - I won't get to see EVERYBODY...Can't wait to sign up for the classes.

Anonymous Linh Chin-Lai said...
Hey Virginia,

Your altered frame project is so cute! Unfortunately, I won't be in town to attend your class. If you decide to sell the kit, please let me know. I'm interested!

Blogger Katie said...
I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!! (Granted you always look beautiful, but I like the new hair none the less). So tell me about your hairdresser. Is she crazy expensive? Where is she located? How does she do with highlights.

Loved your little mini album I saw in the store today. it rocked the house

Blogger Dollar General said...
I love your hair!! Very cute!

Blogger Michelle Sanders said...
Oh my goodness! You look HOT! I'm totally stealing your new do! It's been two years (at least) since my last hair cut! I've been waiting for something to strike me and *thud* that just hit me. LOVE IT!

Blogger sally hanna said...
look at you hot mama!
love the new do!!

Blogger Vikki said...
I love the hair cut! It is so cute on you!!

Blogger Raunda said...
ooohhhhh! love your hair. you are gorgeous!

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