Monday, May 14, 2007
i never realized...
how much i say "got it?"...

until i hear em saying it about 50 times a day.


(i always suspected it would be "dude" or some variation of "rock/you rock/rock on/that rocks")

nope. just "got it?"


here is some silliness. (ignore my dorkiness.)


*sigh* I soooo am drooling over these. Could I make one myself? Quite possibly. But do I have access to loads of cute vintage sheets? I think not...

Pose Gets Cozy Bookbags: (

awwww, look at my little one!!

Blogger care-in said...
Ahhhh, the moment we start hearing ourselves in the wee ones! Shhh...don't tell our moms but didn't they say that would happen?

Cute those sound affects!

LOVE the bags too!

Blogger Lina said...

Blogger Jamie said...
Very cute bags!!

Try Ebay.

Blogger Rachel Garcia said...
Hey girl.. loved the video. I haven't talked with you in a long time. So you have two little ones right?? Im new to the world of blog, so im just now catching up with everyone.

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