Tuesday, May 01, 2007
Celebrity Look A Likes
This is fun! I am cracking up at Helen Hunt, though.... Shaun always has said that he's liked her, and I have teased him about that.... and lo and behold... apparently I look like her???! Hehehe

Tee hee, I have NOT done this yet....hmmmm lol

Blogger michelle said...
ha! I loved this. I did it for real and then I did a funny one making a stupid face. The real one said mischa barton (my sister calls me mischa fartin', so that actually has some credibility), Faith Hill, Ashley Judd, Kate Bosworth, and Judy Garland.

My funny face one said Tina Turner LOL!!!!! I tried to post it on my blog but it was being a pain...maybe later.

Blogger Disney Scrapper said...
Ok, can you explain why you got all of the cute people and I got the dorky looking ones?


Blogger stephaniehowell said...
so wish this supported mac safari users so i could do it.
you are so pretty, v.
prettier than helen hunt, i think.
but i can totally see that.

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