Wednesday, April 11, 2007
It's a miracle. (this is for you, kari ann)
As any mom of young children knows, laundry is a BIG deal.

A really big deal.

I typically do 1-2 loads of laundry a day (or rather, I typically should do 1-2 loads of laundry a day). Clothes & bedding get all manners of goop on them.

Usually, after dinner time, I strip the kids down at the table, along with the loudly worded caution of "Don't touch me don't touch me! UGH!" (due to cheetos/yogurt/pudding/applesauce or whatever else is spread all over their face & hands). Then the clothes get flung into the washer, from my fingers pinching whatever dry corner I can grasp. The children are promptly scoured in the tub.

Today, there was a miracle in Leeds.

Emerson's clothes can be worn for another day. They are spotless. Not a crumb, spot, smudge, or glop on them.

And to top matters off,



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other newsy news:

karen challenged me to use these stamps, because i am not much of a stamper, although i'd like to be... so here's my useage. the journaling is about last summer & em's reaction to the "fun" of a swimming pool.

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and some cute pics. just 'cause i gotta share.

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Blogger Katie said...
That is a miracle. Its never occurred here in the Burnett household. Laundry increases exponentially with the second child, I have decided.

Cutie pics! Love em!

TEE HEE, that WAS a miracle. I don't even buy my kids white, and you would faint if you saw all the laundry in my house lol

Blogger Karen said...
I love it! Great job! Let me know when you are ready for your next challenge!

Blogger -C said...
love the cute pics ... haven't seen that little liv in awhile. she's looking mighty grown up.

Blogger michelle said...
Those pictures are SO cute!! ugh..I just love them.

Blogger Vikki said...
Cute layout! Miss ya! When are you going to teach another class???

Blogger stephaniehowell said...
ack...she is SO CUTE. and she has thighs just like harper. love it.
love the page too, sweets..i am a stamp hoarder yet i do not use them ever.

Blogger mary h. said...
Wow!!!! Even Rylee at 7 can't be spotless all day. Forget about white on that child. lol. When I find the laundry elves I'll send them your way then you can send them to A. Great lo. You know I love some stamps.;) Those pics are cute. I LOVE the legs one. Too cute!

Blogger Nan said...
that was a miracle to stay clean AND while in white shorts!!!! I LOVE the legs's my fav!!!

Blogger staceyfike said...
those fat baby legs are just the most sweetest things!!!
that's the best pic i've seen in a while!!!

Blogger Katie said...
the laundry ... i KNOW what you mean. Scout is very clean, but E? The exact opposite!
I love those chubby baby legs in the last pic!

Anonymous Debbie said...
Woohoo Way to go Emerson! Adorable photos!

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