Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Sweet kiddos
These pics are from a very impromptu photo shoot with Michelle's little ones, Hope & Chad, and Karen's sweet girly, Elliya. They look kinda blurry on my computer- but I can't tell if that's just me or if they are blurry in real life. I'm just messing... I haven't edited these at all and just wanted to share them with their mommies and all of you. :)
Blogger mary h. said...
Beautiful! I totally see the "wrap around" light. ;)

Blogger Graced said...
Well done. How much would you charge for a photo shoot at the Botanical Gardens?

Blogger stephaniehowell said...
hey sweet girl. im so glad you found my blog so i could find you.
i so, so, so loved meeting you this weekend.
and i think that harper and atticus shall indeed marry one day.

love the pictures!

Blogger Karen said...

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