Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Scrap Etc. Event 2007
Pushing me out of the box.
The beauty of scrapbookers.
Seeing others' souls.
Feather boas.
Oxygen bar.
Cute aprons.
Barfing (unfortunately).
Packing kits.
Staying at Chateau La Michelle.
Having the cutest prizes at Michelle's home.
Taking pics.
Chillin' at Michelle's.
Eating midnight snacks.
Taking quizzes.
Meeting so many of my faves.
Stalking Kristina Contes.
Meeting so many new friends.
Wishing I could've hung out more.
Playing with the kits.
Lovin' my Rave outfit.
Cracking up at Wes and his punked up Creative Memories bag.
Thinking Katie M. is the coolest ever for her leprechaun outfit.
Thinking Katie B. is the cutest ever and wishing I looked as half as good as she did post-pregnancy. (And Campbell ain't too bad herself, either. ;) )
Inspired by Kristina. And Heather. and Jenni.
Convicted by Stacy.
Itching to play with my camera because of Allison. And not feeling like I'm alone as a mom, either.
Yearning for structure because of Robin.

So glad I know Mo.

Scrap Etc. Event 2007. Love it.

(Please please PLEASE if you have a pic of me in it with you, OR you have a pic you just think I might like, please email me at 2blackflipflops@gmail.com. I will lub you forever!)

-some of the pics aren't the greatest, but i still love them because of hte feeling they evoke- and that's the important thing, right? :)

Anonymous gretchen said...
GREAT pics!!!

Blogger Karen said...
Love your list and pics!

Anonymous Heather said...
Love the pictures Virginia! It was so nice getting to see you again! :)

Blogger staceyfike said...
dude!! i think i ran into you like 1,000 times and didn't realize who you were!! dang!
sorry we didn't get to say hi, crazy weekend huh???

Blogger Katie said...
Cool list, V. I wish I would have been there for the whole thing (you know how I HATE to miss stuff). I am still nowhere as cute as you...the ultimate preggie/post preggie cutie. I'll still never forget the precious ribbon tied hairdo you had at Up The Creek for Tonya's dinner like 3 days after you had Atticus. I will say I agree that Cam is a cutie : )

Blogger Jenney said...
Cool pics, girl!! I noticed my skinny little hand in the KC class. Cool!!

Hope you're getting some rest!!

Anonymous tammy kay said...
Wish that I could have gotten to meet you this weekend. You are just the cutest thing. You so don't look like a mom. I so mean that in a good way.
I read your profile and was so happy that you love the book "redeeming Love" because that is like my fav. book of all time.
I need to read it again.
Okay. bye.

Blogger Kelli said...
I love the pic of Wes scrappin'! He rocked huh? I'm so glad we got to meet :) what an amazing crazy event...still not sure how she pulled it off, LOL.

Anonymous Michon said...
Awesome Party girl!!! I wish I could have been there! Next time maybe!! ;)

Blogger Michelle Sanders said...
I agree with it all...amazing, inpiring, uplifting...the whole deal! Love your pics...feel free to pull any from my blog too. I saw you a few times and you always looked busy so I didn't bother you but now I wish I would have at least asked you if you enjoyed your RAK I sent you a few months back :( Oh well, there is aways next year!

Blogger Nan said...
I just love seeing everyone's different pics!! I have some to share with you....been out of town since last Monday....got to get them done and put up on my blog!!! I had an awesome time!!!

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