Thursday, February 22, 2007
Shameless Self Promoting
Mustn't stay on too long so this has to be short and sweet. You can totally ignore if you wish. ;)

ETA: Since Graced mentioned it, I just wanted to let y'all know that the things below in purple below are actually links to various things. :) That way you can check out what I'm talking about. Yay!

Number 1. Ebay auctions. Scrapbooking stuff. Me needing to make some extra dough. Mix 'em all together. ;)
Number 2. Crop Addict March Kit Gallery is up- with new designs from moi!
Number 3. Last weekend, we bought 1.) a training potty, 2.) training pants (in pink polka dot), and 3.) a silva Nissan Quest van. Just toss me some soccer balls to put in the back. Now I'll finally have some street cred with the moms out there.
Number 4. Monique McLean & Scrap Etc. rock my world. I mean, how many things can this girl feasibly do to make the scrapping world a better place? (If you haven't signed up for the event in March- what the heck are you waiting for? I am beyond excited about it!) Gotta do some more designing stuff for the Rave this weekend. Woohoo!
Number 5. Michelle is a rockstar. And she has lettuce on her head.
Number 6. This little guy is the cutest. Ever.

The end.

Blogger Graced said...
Send us the name of your ebay stuff so that we can hunt it down. (friends don't let friends wear lettuce)

Blogger michelle said...
ahhhh!!!!!!! That is so funny...what in the world was going through my mind? Well, I guess NOTHING!!

lol, NICE stash girl!!! How are ya!?!?

Blogger Karen said...
I could bring E's training pants and we could try together! Our christmas break try at potty training was unsuccessful.

Anonymous Debbie said...
ROFL!! Who would have thought you could get polka dotted training pants. Loved the soccer mom post :)

Anonymous Sc said...
Ya a babe. :)

Anonymous Christine said...
Hey Virginia,

I just wanted to stop by and say hi! Glad you had a fun couple of days without kiddies. I know what you mean about loving the time but its great to have them back too. Good luck on the sale. I need to do this too. Too much stuff in my drawers that I never get to. Have a wonderful and hope to see you soon.

Blogger Jada's Gigi said...
Hi Virginia...just thinking of you and wondering how you've been and if you ever had that course you did and he is adorable!! sounds like you are doing aok...polka dot training pants sound lovely..:)

Blogger Jada's Gigi said...
just noticed you went to SouthEastern..OMGosh! I used to know tons of people there and one of my cousins kids is there right now...I actually think one of my old flames is a prof at the school up North(is it Illinois? I forget the name) all AOG affiliated of course...:) small world

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