Sunday, January 14, 2007
just a warning...
i may get a little "blog-crazy" these next few weeks after my self-imposed withdrawal from the internet world for a while. :) i needed the break, and some time of introspection, but it's time to get back into the real world and the regular grind of things.

soooo... how's 'bout an update?

-i get my cast off tomorrow, hallelujah! although it made a great new chic accessory, i'm a wee bit tired of trying to match up flat shoes with it. oh yeah, and the whole not-being-able-to-drive thing. yeah. that part pretty much sucked.
-i have discovered that i have several sweet friends who will not only put up with me, but are willing to drive out to my house multiple times and pick me up or keep me company so i won't get too much of a bad case of cabin fever.

(anybody remember that silly musical number from the Muppet's "Treasure Island" - I've got Cabin Fever!... ok see? just another sign of too many days cooped up with wee ones.)

-i had a marvelous Christmas.. way too much to sum up, but i'm looking forward to taking experiences from this past year and applying them to next year and finding more peace at Christmastime.

-emerson dug Christmas. especially the gifts & eating parts.
-atticus decided to bust all up into the New Year with cutting his first two teeth, learning how to crawl, eating finger foods, and saying "daddadadaddadadda"

-i'm in the mood to create. been playing with the feb. kit at crop addict and having lots of fun and getting psyched for valentine's day.

-enjoying my mp3 player and the fact that i can download free audio books from (just finished listening to "the devil wears prada" and really love that i can "read" while scrapbooking. i don't think it gets much better than that.)

-getting really really really excited about the Scrap Etc. Event {2007}... it's like, mere weeks away! (not too late to register just in case you want to take classes from kristina contes, jenni bowlin, alison tyler jones, robin johnson, stacy julian, and heather preckel.)

yeah... lovin' this blogging again. i missed it. i missed you guys. thanks for all of the love and support and prayers (and even goodie packages- thanks muchos karen!) to keep me going.

see ya on the flip side. ;)
Blogger staceyfike said...
and i thought i was the only girl who "reads" while i scrap!!! right now i'm on sense and sensibility....and DWP was a great book wasn't it??

Blogger Amy said...
so glad you are back to the blogging world Virginia!-Amy Nabors

welcome back. I have enjoyed "keeping" up with you through the blog. I wish I could be more personal on ours, but since I have supporters out there reading everything...

Blogger Karen said...
The idea of "reading" and doing something else sounds great but I can't do it! I start thinking about other things!

Missed ya!

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