Sunday, January 28, 2007
Dang it. (Just imagine Napolean saying it.)
My computer, aka the laptop that we've had pretty much since the dinosaurs were around (or at least, in computer years... it's like 6 years old or something incredibly ancient like that!!) is a humongous pain in the patootie to use doing anything, like uploading pics or look at a blog or enter a response on a message board or type an email... ugh.

The old dear is getting to the point where she decides to just crash right in the middle of the day. Lovely.

SO- if updates are scarce from me, have no fear- I'm not dead, rather, my computer is. ;)

However, the income tax refund gods have been kind to us this year (yay for having kids!) and we will hopefully be upgrading to a new 'puter very soon.

as my gingy would say: "yay for yay!"

in other news, these are the things i'm enjoying this week:

-"bergdorf blondes", an audio book that promises lots of frivolous fashion talk and chic-lit fun, to listen to whilst i scrapbook
-the march kit from crop addict that arrived on friday (woohoo!)
-a brand new little planner from walmart that i can utilize to organize my thoughts & plans to take over the world
-the aforementioned good news regarding our taxes this year
-looks at products from the CHA floor here and here
-fitting into my pre-Emerson pregnancy clothes again! :)
-my straightening iron (it just makes for a good hair day)
-getting a day out every week by working at the Guest List
-reservations for the kids at Hotel Grandma for a getaway weekend for us in the near future
-and the traditional faves [clean home, stack o' library books, snuggly kids, and handsome chef that doubles as my husband]

things that are not so good this week:

-poop. foot stepping in poop. >:(
-waking up multiple times a night due to teething and/or thirsty kid
-fuREEZing temps without the promise of snow
-sad stuff... angry stuff...regretting stuff... hurtful stuff
-computer shutting down in the middle of emailing. grrr.

later dudes. i have hilarious pics of em wearing shaun's boxers (from the clean laundry pile), atticus being subjected to sisterly antics, jamming on the headphones, and multiple other things, but those will have to wait for a time when my connection is not so unreliable. :)
Blogger Karen said...
I'm curious...what's the guess list? There website didn't have anything.

Ahhh I feel your laptop was from the dino era as well but then it finally said good bye and wouldn't boot up ever again!!! Can you believe that...I bet it makes you feel that much better about your dino machine now huh!!!! LOL

"a brand new little planner from walmart that i can utilize to organize my thoughts & plans to take over the world" - Walmart would be proud!!!!!LOL

Blogger Abbey said...
I love your blog!

Blogger Graced said...
I'm with Karen, what's the guest list? I can't wait to see the new pictures.

Blogger Katie said...
ummmm ... v?
what happens if you don't flat iron?
this is coming from a girl who sometimes does not even comb her hair, let alone IRON it!
k ;)

Blogger Nan said...
hey V!! keep your foot "out of stuff"!!!! I'm cruising around the web tonight...thought I'd pop in and say "hello" .. It's been a while....want to see you again!!!! Nan

Blogger Jessica said...
oooh! I loved Bergdorf Blondes! I'm reading Twilight...after seeing you post about it awhile back. So far, really good!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey! Check your myspace...Delilah

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