Wednesday, December 06, 2006
why not?
1. I am random.
2. Jesus knows me best. (Second would be Shaun)
3. I feel snuggly with my faux fire in my gas "fireplace" going on.
4. The most important thing in my life is family.
5. I always carry my cell phone, my wallet, my camera, and my neutrogena lip gloss. .
6. I think I will make a chocolate chip cream cheese ball tonight.
7. I am at my happiest when the house is clean and I have a huge stack of unread library books waiting for me.
8. On a Monday morning, you can find me dreading cleaning the house after my one day "off" a week.
9. My favorite food ingredient is chocolate. or cilantro. or salt.
10. My eyes are smudgey with mascara.
11. My favorite material possession is my laptop. or my camera. or my harry potter books.
12.. To relax, I like to read in the bath.
13. The town I live in is a little bit redneck, but that's ok.
14. My worst habit is eating when i'm stressed.
15. My guilty pleasure is reading US Weekly or People at the bookstore.
16. When I look at someone, the first thing I see is their eyes.
17. I wish I was more disciplined.
18. I could live without procrastination.
19. I wish I had a flat stomach.
20. My life is suprising.
Anonymous gretchen said...
so is that chocolate chip cream cheese ball for tomorrow night?? if not, save me some!! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Don't we all wish we had a flat stomach. Had to laugh at that one. You are so funny, V.

Blogger Andy said...
good ones. i'm happiest with a large stack of library books too. :)

Blogger Vikki said...
The chocolate chip cream cheese ball sound yummy! Email me the recipe! A flat/tight tummy would be awesome! And I love to read also!

Anonymous Molly said...
freaky - i good have written that -we have too much in common

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