Sunday, December 10, 2006
Today we decided to stay at home instead of heading off to church this morning with one cripple, one fevered toddler, one baby that had been up 3 times in the night, and one husband/daddy that was pretty tired of being the only healthy one of the lot.

I tried to just relax mostly today, but I did get a little scrapping done. :) I'm going to do some more tonight. I have so much fun stuff to play with but haven't had the motivation lately.

Here's a pic of my cast with a little decor on it. I get re-casted later this week and will be decorating that one up like crazy. Just call it an "altered cast." ;) And no Gretchen, I didn't bring the supplies with me to the doctor. What, do you think I'm that obsessed that I would carry scrapbooking stuff with me everywhere- like on the plane to Disney or something? ;)

(Heheh that reminds me- you know that you've fully inundated your husband with scrapbooking when he asks if you remembered to take the camera to the ER when your toddler drinks a half a bottle of cough medicine. Forgot to mention that a few weeks ago. )

Speaking of Shaun, he made this really yummy Asian soup stuff again tonight- but with a few tweaks in the ingredients (including some lemon zest). So good. I'll have to give y'all the recipe. And unlike my choc. chip cream cheese ball, which seems to cause disaster (my broken foot, Sally's broken mixer), the soup seems to be safe.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sorry about your foot. :( Really sorry that you couldn't make to the party. You know that you need to email that picture to Heidi Swapp titled: Look what you can do with a HS mask. She would love that. Let me know if I can do anything. raunda

Blogger Andy said...
pretty layouts.
love the cast designs.
the food looks yummy.
i hope you're feeling better as well as the rest of your house.

Blogger Michelle said...
I LOVE your cast! I remember in middle school when all the kids with braces would do pretty rubber band colors and I thought "hey, I want crooked teeth". Then when you got those cute red glasses I thought "hey, I want bad eye site". Now I'm thinking "hey, I want to break a leg". No I'm not, I do not want to break my leg or any other part of my body. I need to work on this coveting bazaaro things problem I have.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Love your cast decor! And let me just tell ya how touched I was to see ME mentioned! LUB YA girlie!

Blogger Vikki said...
I love the altered cast! Leave it to you to turn this into a project!! LOL Praying for you to heal fast!!

i wrote you this long comment the other day & it was even kind of funny (i referenced that old commercial with the lady falling down the stairs & yelling "i've fallen & i can't get up" and wondered if that's what you told shaun...) anyways, then it wouldn't take my i was pretty bummed. anyways--I hope you're feeling better. Sometimes God has the funniest ways of making us rest. Hope you have a good week. We miss you guys!!!

Anonymous Julie said...
Hey Virginia...missed you at the Scrap Etc xmas party, girl! Hope you heal quickly. Love the LO's...I just bought some of that Creative Imaginations paper - love it!! Where did you get Emerson's tights?? I have GOT to get some of those for Lydia, lol. Too cute!!

Anonymous gretchen said...
i'm loving the cast of course!!

Anonymous adrienne said...
Tee hee, love your cast!!

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