Tuesday, December 12, 2006
my friend rachel postedsome thoughts on her blog today... it's given me a lot to think about so i figured i'd post 'em here too. love good mind food & good heart food.

  • What was that moment like when Jesus was birthed into our cold & sinful world. Was His mind already on the cross?
  • Would I have responded like Mary if I had been chosen to be the mother of Jesus (probably not). What can I learn from her this year?
  • Did the angels sing Glory in the highest & peace on earth....if so, what did that sound like?
  • What must the shepherds have been feeling...being chosen to be the very first in humanity to hear about the arrival of our Immanuel?
  • I love that Jesus' birth was so humble b/c we can identify with Him. If he came as a king or with lots of pomp and royalty, we could not identify with him. It's truly amazing how beautiful a manger has become.
  • Did Mary struggle with insecurities in her parenting of the Great I AM??
  • Did Mary know that her Son would give His life to forgive her sins?
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Strange. I have thought some of these same thoughts. My heart goes out to her because she had to watch her son persecuted and crucified for all those to follow. I don't know how I'd be able to deal with that. Phew!

mary h.

Anonymous rhonda said...
Won't it be great when we are in heaven & can meet our Father...and all the others...There are a lot of questions...these you mentioned & other trivial stuff like....where did the people come from that Adam/Eve's kids married?
...and what kind of fish swallowed Jonah (was it actually a whale?), etc.

this is so thought provoking I'm scared to answer!!

Blogger Andy said...
so many questions. it will be great to one day have the answeres. when i was reading your post i was thinking about that song, and it's one of my favorites, Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant.

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