Saturday, December 09, 2006
geez, if i am bored tonight after a fairly busy day, how am i going to feel this week when i am trapped at home with no way to escape?


the kiddos went to a birthday party for Jesus today at church, which provided shaun & i a good opportunity to do a little christmas shopping.

however, i can't really walk around a whole lot so i just went to scrap etc. 2, now open at the pinnacle in trussvegas. :)

i got to see mary & nan & carol & katie & nubia... and of course mo & her family. :) (plus all of the other customers who we were probably driving crazy with our exuberance. hee hee) it was fun, and a nice chance to hang out for a bit.

shaun and i ate moe's (YUM!) and then picked up the kids... and then dealt with a grumpy em who has a fever & a cold and may or may not have the flu. yeck.

so.... not really much going on. i want to scrap but i am feeling really lazy. my nails are drying. i risked a bath tonight- with my leg propped up on a chair outside of the tub. shaun made some sort of noodle asian meatball oniony soup thing tonight. it was delicious. i'm reading "fairest" by the same girl that wrote "ella enchanted" and i totally love it. i'm a sucker for a fairy tale that is retold in an unexpected way.

guess i'll see if the ol' nails are dry and then read some more... and then maybe scrap. :)
Anonymous Anonymous said...
It was so great to see you, V.;) Your altered cast is uber chic now. lol.

Anonymous Adrienne said...
Hey......we ate at moes saturday night too!!! lol

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