Saturday, November 25, 2006
What to do with a 20 month old in the emergency room
1. give her your sunglasses
2. attempt to let her sit in a chair by herself without driving the other sick people in the ER waiting room crazy
3. watch her closely for signs that the 1/2 bottle of children's cold medicine is causing any weird affects
4. hold her tight while she gets the tiny blood pressure sleeve attached to her arm
5. prepare her sippy cup for the delicious mixture of charcoal and chocolate milk
6. watch her guzzle it down
7. prepare yourself for a 3 hour wait in a small hospital room not designed with toddlers in mind
8. try to get her to take a nap
9. berate yourself for even thinking that a nap would happen
10. tickle her
11. help her jump on the bed
12. give her some burt's bees chapstick
13. let her rub it on your cheeks
14. show her that she can take her shoes on and off (this is mildly entertaining for several minutes at least)
15. snuggle
16. let her color with a pen on a piece of scratch paper
17. when that gets old, get a bigger piece of paper and a sparkly pen
18. put her medical bracelet on Lambie
19. give her your thumb ring
20. DON'T give her your wedding ring
21. carry her 30 pound self around the room several times
22. give her graham crackers (although these will most likely end up on the floor later on)
23. cheer greatly when, 2 1/2 hours later, the doctor says you can go home.
24. get her some chicken nuggets from mcd's.
25. take a nap. both of you.

that was my saturday. how was yours?

{i am so grateful for my children's health. for my baby girl being ok. for wonderful family and friends- ginger & jeremy- who came to my rescue at a moment of need. for my husband holding down the fort. thank you Lord.}
Blogger Jennifer said...
Oh wow! I'm so sorry Virginia. I know that was an exhausting experience. James is an RN at Children's if (let's hope not) you ever end up there again, and it might help to at least know someone. Probably wouldn't have helped Emerson, but might've provided some kind of relief or encouragement for you! I'm so glad she's fine now.

Anonymous Adrienne said...
OH GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad she is ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous karen said...
Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine your anxiety. I'm glad everything is okay.

Anonymous gretchen said...
wow V!! what a day! i am so glad Emerson is OK!! i hope the rest of your weekend is uneventful!

Blogger Katie said...
So so so sorry you had to go to the ER!! I've been there and its NOT fun. Glad she is ok though. GIve her a big hug from us : )

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So glad Em was ok. So glad you too got to take a much needed nap.;)

Blogger Vikki said...
Oh my! I am so glad to know that Em is ok! I am a nurse at TCH too if you ever need anything let me know! I have to admit I didn't read the entire list...I started to then I skipped around...then I HAD to scroll to the bottom because I said to myself...well darn how long was she there for I could have sworn she said EMERGENCY I totally understand that there might be a heart attack patient who obviously take precdence but wow 2.5 hours!!!

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