Tuesday, November 21, 2006
my hair
aren't you interested in what i'm doing to my hair these days?

i know you are.

i mean, you are sitting around at night, drinking your hot cup of cocoa or tea or coffee (although you really shouldn't be drinking something that caffeinated at this time of night, now should you?) and you are thinking to youself, "man. i am dying to know how virginia is doing her hair these days."

well have no fear... that is what this inane blog entry is about.

i have an awesome hair stylist at my church. i mean, she is cool and funky and has a different hair color nearly every week. she has done my hair before, and i love her to death. (shameless plug: if you need a new stylist, check her out at the salon in the galleria- her name is kari ann.)
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(that's kari ann holding atticus)

anyways, so i had mentioned to her that i needed my hair done- i wanted to perk it up. i decided i wanted to do some chunky-ish highlights.

well, being the insane person that i have become, i had not planned the time for her to do it before thanksgiving.

so i got a wild hair tonight (hee hee ha ha- wasn't that a great pun) and decided to just do it myself.

so i recut my bangs and highlighted my hair.

i'm pretty darn happy with the results.

sure... there's some blotchiness here and there and next time, kari ann will definitely be getting my business, but it worked in a pinch. :)

(please ignore the weird expression on my face & the lack of makeup.)

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ETA: dadgummit. i really didn't want to get in "heroes" but i just can't resist the whole comic book genre. plus, it's got "jess" from "gilmore girls." combining two loves. tee hee

Blogger Kelly said...
Hey Virginia-
Love the hair!!
I'm not brave enough to do my own, but god knows I need to!!
Have a great day ;O)

Blogger Andy said...
your hair looks great. i'm going through somewhat of a hair crisis. my bangs are growing out and they are bugging me. anyways, i'me with you on heroes. i haven't started watching yet but i've been wanting to every week. have you actually taken the plundge?

Blogger Katie said...
How CUTE! Can't wait to see it in person : )

I wish I could have seen how your hair looked before...but I do love it now!!!

Blogger katie said...
Bravo on being brave enough to "do" your own hair! Looks great! I'm wanting a new haircut myself, so am going to see Kari Ann next time I think! I love your hair you know ...

Anonymous Karen said...
Love the highlights girl! You are much braver than I am.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hair looks good. You are one brave chica! To go on an adventure to include upside down roller coaster with Monique and now to do your own hair. Phew! Got locked into Heroes too. Couldn't help it.;)

mary h.

Anonymous gretchen said...
love the new 'do!!

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