Wednesday, November 22, 2006
ok, i feel the need to share some links today, i don't know why, but here you go.

this is such a cute blog. i love the layout, love the content... oh and i love her scrapbooking. makes me so happy. {maria grace}

if you are a nerd like me, you:
1) have a lot of books
2) are obsessive compulsive about organization
3) have been searching for a way to catalog your books

well folks, i have an answer to all of our nerdy problems:


not only can you catalog your books easily, but since it's an online community database, it will offer you suggestions from other people's personal libraries that have similar book tastes as you! how cool is that?

speaking of suggestions,

i am always on the lookout for new music, but i am not so good at branching out and trying new things. plus i hate to drop the $$ on something i am not totally sure i will like.

enter, stage left: {pandora}

it's called the "music genome project." basically what you do is enter in a song or an artist that you like the sound of, and WHAM! a whole ad-free radio station with music that has similar elements. and if it plays something you don't like, you can just give it a thumbs down and it will figure out what you didn't like about that song and exclude anything else from your song list like that.

how cool is that?

hmmm... i think that's all i'll share for today. :) gotta go pack... we're leaving for thanksgiving celebrations with the fam and i still haven't packed or baked my sourdough bread (but it is rising in its pans, so that's good).

happy thanksgiving!
Blogger katie said...
Ummmm ... Virginia, I have an alternative to your "librarything" link, it;s called a LIBRARY and it's a real live place with people in it who read - a lot! they are nice and they can tell you titles of books you might like! if you need help i can send you a map!
har har har har har =)
seriously, thanks for the music link. i am a music chicken too - i'd rather spend my money on my scrapping habit!

Blogger Andy said...
these are cool links. thanks for sharing. i may need to make another section of my sidebar that has some of my fave links on it. the music one being one of them. the lib one is cool too. and that one ladies site is pretty.

Anonymous Christine said...
Hey Virgina! Just stoppping by to say hi.

Anonymous Adrienne said...
I love Pandora's box!! TOOOOO cool!!!

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