Monday, November 27, 2006
a kid's perspective
em's little friend liv drew this yesterday in church.
in case you can't read what it says, this is her interpretation of the pic:

Virginia (the large one in the middle) is sad because Emerson took a lot of medicine. Shaun (one on the far left) is so high because he is jumping.

That's Em- the little one on the right.

I don't know where Atticus is. LOL
Blogger Michelle said...
you look like the scream mask!! That is so cute I love it.

Blogger Andy said...
love the new background.

Anonymous Karen said...
You got your legs...that's pretty good! Don't you wish you could read their mind to know the reason for her interpretation?!

Anonymous gretchen said...
ooooohhh, i'm loving the new look...of the blog that is! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Like the new colors. But black is classic.;) That picture is so freakin' hilarious!!!!!

Anonymous adrienne said...
LOL! too cute!

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