Monday, November 06, 2006
Joy Album
I made this Christmas family traditions album out of a little chipboard accordian album I had laying around. The scans don't do it justice, if I can say so myself.

I'm planning on taking pictures this Christmas and developing them at wallet size to add to it, plus adding the journaling for all of our family traditions.

The first tradition I'm going to add to it?

Playing Christmas music the day after Halloween.

Love it.

Listening to:

Here's the pics of the album... and may I challenge you, whether you're a scrapbooker or not, to pay attention to your family traditions this holiday season. Write them down somewhere, get a little notebook dedicated to such a thing, or make note in your blog. Just get them down- I can't wait to look back at this little book in five years or so and see how our traditions have evolved.

(For some reason I can't get my computer to recognize my camera, but I will post pics later of the album all accordianed out. is that a word? i don't think so.)
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the random piece of blue polkadotted ribbon is not actually on that page- it's the ribbon that ties the book together and it snuck under the page on the scanner. sneaky ribbon.
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that sneaky ribbon did it again here too.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
OMGosh - that Joy album is awesome! I just love mini-albums, and that is a stunner!

Blogger -C said...
Gotta say it ... you're so freakin' talented! I'm just happy to know you. What an awesome idea!

Blogger Andy said...
great idea. i have a book that my grandmother gave me to put family traditions in but i love yours.

Blogger Vikki said...
Great job!! I love it!

Anonymous cindy b said...
Stinkin' cute album! LOVE IT!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That is so cute! As if anything you do could be less.;)

mary h.

Blogger Katie said...
This album is AMAZING! Your mini albums are always fantastic.

Blogger katie said...
accordianed is most certainly a word, now that you've coined it! love the vintage-y look of the album are those santa rub-ons? v. cute

Anonymous Mandy said...
I LOVE it!!! Absolutely beautiful and very inspiring!

Blogger ~Telah said...
I'm really all about family traditions, especially around the holidays, so I absolutely love this book! You are very talented and creative!

Anonymous rhonda said...
Are you going to bring it up to the store...cause I want to touch it and see it in person!

Anonymous stacey fike said...
that is one AMAZING album!!!
i soooooo love it!!!!

and i'm gonna check out that christmas cd
i lurve christmas music!!!

Blogger fastbackstang said...
LOVE the album. GREAT Work...Great inspiration!

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