Saturday, November 04, 2006
good morning, saturday.

i love saturday mornings. :) i won't go into a long monologue, however, extolling the beauties of saturday mornings because em is sitting in my lap, eating cereal, i'm trying to eat my cereal & type at the same time, atticus is on "puke-watch" (ie- he has a stomach virus and i'm keeping an eye on him for further developments), and shaun and i have big plans today to organize our garage so i can't waste mindless hours on the internet this morning.

saturday morning news that *might* be of interest to you: i've got several scrappy auctions going on at ebay. you should check 'em out- i'm trying to clear out some space and declutter my scrapbooking room.

also, i played some last night with the new scenic route and some christmas goodies... i'll be finishing it today and posting it. i'm really getting into the holiday mood!

i've discovered the kidlit-blogosphere. fun reads. love reading the reviews & the interesting thoughts from those within the kids/teens lit world.

here's two of my faves:

A Fuse #8 Production


alright y'all... gotta get my lazy bones off of here and get productive. have an adventurous week ahead of me. :)
Blogger -C said...
that pic is AWESOME! You should enter it in some kind of photography contest or something. Doug says the couch makes the picture ... but I love the stockings and the shadows! Adorable!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeya, what -c said! that is an awesome picture of em!

mary h.

Blogger Vikki said...
GREAT picture of EM! I love the chair, stockings it is just precious! I agree with -c this needs to be entered in something!


Blogger Michelle said...
I was going to say the same thing.

i agree with everyone else--what an awesome picture of your little cutie!!

I used to love Saturdays too... I am a morning person and it was my alone time. But I now have a child, Tucker, that loves mornings too!

Blogger Andy said...
weird i thought i posted a comment eariler today but i guess i didn't. basically i said i love the pic and agree with everyone else about entering it in a photo contest.

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