Monday, November 20, 2006
disney photos

tonight i am editing photos from disney... hopefully will be able to share them tomorrow! woohoo!

i'm hoping it'll get my mojo flowing.... today i stopped by Scrap Etc to pick up a "few things" (*wink wink*) and want to play but am feeling bummed because of a majorly draining evening with the kiddos.

a couple of cool things today though, in the midst of the child-drama:

-got to meet ms. sayfay, sayfiddy extraordinaire... the famous sarah! her family was on their way to thanksgiving celebrations and got to stop in our fair city. woot! she is SUCH a sweetie and her kids are adorable... her hubby is fun to hang out with and let sarah & i ooh and ahh over all the cool stuff at scrap etc. :)

she is the VERY first person that i didn't know in real life to comment on my blog... i felt so special. :)

now i only wish she lived closer so we could scrap together.....

-another cool thing.... big drumrolllllllllll please.... today i can proudly announce that i was asked to join the design team over at crop addict! i am SO pumped about this opportunity and cannot wait to create with their awesome kits! go check it out!

alright... need to go edit photos. later gators! :)

edited to add.... YAY! i did these quickly tonight to share... so these are my faves. i'm planning on getting some more from gretchen soon. just click on the flickr badge to the right to check 'em all out. :)

oh and another thing: i've been debating on cutting my side-swoopy bangs again or let them grow out. after seeing some pics of me DUDE! my face looks super square! lol it's definitely back to the swoop bangs for me! :)
Anonymous gretchen said...
whatever you do you must keep the combover! selfishly, i need someone else who understands!! :)
congrats on Crop Addict...that is very cool!!

Blogger Katie said...
I love the bangs too! So cute on you : )

More congrats on CA DT!!! They are so lucky to have you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Congratulations on Crop Addict. You are the girl! I am jealous that I wasn't at Disney. :) Keep the bangs, very cute on you.


Anonymous Christy Donovan said...
Can't believe you came to Disney and didn't call!

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