Tuesday, November 07, 2006
breaking news!
before i go any further, i just want to say that normally i am not someone that makes light of divorce. it is a very sad thing to watch people go through... i know it is hard and painful and takes a lot of sour things to come to that decision. so i don't want anyone to think i'm being flippant about it when i say:


Britney dumps K-Fed.

(yes people. i am really a deep person. i promise.)
Anonymous Anonymous said...
But for how long is it gonna last this time?

mary h.

Blogger Jessica said...
A friend of mine got a text message last night at clinicals with this news. It cracked me up (the texting of it...not so much the divorce).

Blogger Katie said...
I agree. Not a big supporter of divorce, but in this case this one is warranted. What was she thinking?

Anonymous adrienne said...
Yep....did you know it was breaking news on CNN???? ROFLOL!

Blogger katie said...
oh geez virginia ... where do i even begin? as pathetic as it may seem, i did kinda think they were made for each other

Anonymous stacey fike said...
big surprise right?????

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