Tuesday, October 31, 2006
you knew i had to show them off, right?

halloween 2006.

emerson got to actually go up to a couple of houses and "trick or treat," and i was surprised to see her have so much fun... i thought she may be a little scared. i think it helped that she went with her friends harper lee & olivia. when she knocked on their door, the girls were so sweet to her and kept piling handfuls of candy into her little bag. i guess mommy will have to help her eat it all. darn. ;)

after that big adventure, we headed over to her beloved uncle donnie & aunt ginger's house and got loaded up on some candy! she had a blast playing with ginge, checking out moo & bongo (the kitties) and secretly smiling at donnie. atticus was just content to chill in his seat, flap his arms wildly, and pull his bandana over his face as many times as possible.

em also discovered that uncle donovan & aunt vanessa are the ones to go to when you want your candy opened up. while i was chatting with ginge & donnie, em would grab her bag, pull out something, and hand it to donovan while saying, "gank you," expectantly. she was so exhausted when we got home, though, that the extra sugar didn't seem to really affect her. she went straight to bed (after being tossed into the air a couple of times by daddy.)

so, without further ado, the pics:

arrrrrrr mateys. (you know i had to do it.)

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the cutest pirate on the seas. (his "tattoo" says "mom")

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getting impatient to fly away...

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my little flower faerie

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happy after her first house- and bag o' loot.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
very cute! loved the pirate get up. i sense another scrapbook project emerging. :)

Anonymous Wilk said...
How adorable. Makes me proud to be somewhat related. I am so happy that they had a great All Hallowed's Day. Any uneaten candy can be diverted in the direction of Anniston/Oxford to be properly disposed of. Hugs & Kisses.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh V, they are precious! Cute tatoo too. Em is so sweet!

mary h.

Anonymous Mandy said...
They are ADORABLE!!! That's the cutest pirate I have ever seen! I can't wait to see the page you make about him!

Blogger Andy said...
those are grrrrreat pictures. they look really cute. i love the tatoo.

Anonymous rhonda said...
cute cute cute! I still need to download all my pics! I was too pooped last night!

Anonymous adrienne said...
OHHH TOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger Vikki said...
What cuties! I love the pirate!! And the flower fairy is just beautiful! Vikki

Blogger -C said...
I'm w/sqeaky ... i can just imagine the pirate scrapbook page ... ahoy, mateys! :) They're adorable.

Blogger Sarah said...
Oh V.
It's achingly adorable cuteness.
I think I'd smuge his beard with kisses!!!

Blogger Sarah said...
Oh V.
It's achingly adorable cuteness.
I think I'd smuge his beard with kisses!!!

Blogger Jennifer said...
Precious kids! I love the gerbers in Em's hair! Very Heidi Swapp of you. :-)

Blogger Cheryl Wray said...
Cute, cute, cute! I love it!
My little one was a Pirate too. We had her saying, "Aargh, Matey. Give me some candy!"
(Is the South not great? Where else can there be a little one named Harper Lee? We call our littlest DD "Scout" from To Kill a Mockingbird. Love it!)

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