Monday, October 09, 2006
i really don't even feel like blogging tonight,

but i've neglected this little guy for far too long lately.

i've got a cold, as does the rest of the fam. makes for long, stuffy nights with lots of fussy kiddos (including myself).

i had a most wonderful birthday. i was loaded up on new clothes, gilmore girls season 6 dvd (i lub me some GG!), harry potter & the goblet of fire dvd special set, "the beatrice letters," a new digital camera (woohoo! finally have one that works again!), and lots of special wishes. :)

thank you all for the lovin'.

getting really excited about taking an online class from shimelle called "you think you know me." one of the artists that is helping with the examples for the class is the awesome kristina contes. i'm so pumped. it's all about moods- creating a piece of art based on 10 different moods. i cannot wait- and i will definitely post pics. :)

feeling kinda bummy and have more to say but am not really up to it... more updates later this week, with some pics.


oh and quote of the week from miss a
(hope you don't mind girly!)

"did you know that LUB is stronger and means more than LOVE, but can only happen between two women that scrapbook?"
Anonymous Adrienne said...
ROFLOL!!!! You are a mess girl, and hope you feel better...atleast you are sick this week and NOT NEXT! lol, take care!

Blogger Michelle said...
I'm so sorry you feel so crumy. I wish you lived right next door to me still and I would watch your little cutie pies so you could sleep all day. Or I at least wish I had a car to get there with. Drink lots of water and o.j. ;)

Blogger Abbey said...
Yuck...cold season already? I hope ya'll fell better super soon!
I wish I was a scrapbooker, so I could say things like LUB...I wish I even did picture albums, or baby books. Actually, I wish I took pictures of my kids! Man, I need to get on that...
Oh...yea, the yoga is awesome, girl. You should take. I've been doing it for a couple years and love it. It's the ultimate feel-good exercise!! I lose myself every class...

Blogger Cheryl Wray said...
Sounds like a super birthday! All those goodies sound great! (I love Gilmore Girls too!)
Hope you are feeling better!
I took your "I Did It" post from last week and put it on my blog. That was fun!!

i'm so sorry you're feeling yucky. but tonight is gilmore girls, so maybe that helps a little :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sending you lots of LUB. Hope you and your family get to feeling better soon. Was wondering why you hadn't posted in a few days. You know I am a stalker. lol. Thought of you while watching GG last night. LUB ya, Girl!

mary h.

Blogger Michelle said...
Here sing this to youself (in the tune of We wish you a Merry Christmas)
I wish you would feel better
I wish you would feel better
I wish you would feel better so that you can blog!

Anonymous Anonymous said... sorry you feel yucky. Hope everyone is on the mend soon. I used to watch GG but I couldn't take the fast, sarcastic talking...Xavier gringes when I mention GG!

Anonymous Karen said...
okay...sorry about the annonymous post.

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