Wednesday, October 18, 2006
i look like a mom.
date: pre-kid days

dear me,

it is regrettably my duty to inform you that come april 2, 2005, you will birth your first child and henceforth lose all sense of coolness and fashion-awareness. furthermore, upon may 4, 2006, the birth of your second child will leave you with what is known as "belly-pooch" and you stomach will occassionally sneak it's way into a bulge appearing at the top of your stretch jeans.

you will lose your funky sense of style; you will no longer be identified with any sort of fashion group. the emo/indie girl style that you once so clearly held onto will fade into the recesses of your closet, overshadowed by what you refer to as "comfy clothes" - "belly coverers" "stretch jeans" and the ever present "flip-flops."

you will feel despondent and sad about the passing of an era. the end of an age. the foray into looking like "a mom." you will question why this is such an insult, and will begin analyzing ways you can go back to being "cool."

WARNING! unless you get a grip on yourself, you are going to go crazy comparing yourself to others and end up being one of those hoarse-voiced ladies who have spent way too much time in the tanning bed, wearing too-tight jeans with a sparkly belt from walmart, bleach blond hair, and an overly fitted britney spears t-shirt.

hugs and kisses,
me, circa october 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...
ROTFL!!! So true. Just remember, V, you ooze sexy!:)

mary h.

Anonymous adrienne said...
ROFLOL!!!! Girl you are a MESS, and you look great girl! NOTHING wrong with Black Flip Flops ;-)

Blogger Michelle said...
You look like one HOT mama!!! Actually I think you still got it going on ha ha. Really you do have a really cool artist look to are very cool!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
amen sister! i totally agree.

Anonymous gretchen said...
you are still so cool V!!!

Blogger Julianna said...
fabulous letter to self!

Anonymous Molly said...
Wonderful writing

But I do not know what you are talking about - I am still HOT after 2 kids (at least in my head)

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