Wednesday, October 11, 2006
do your chain hang low?
by dose ib stuffy (cold translator: "my nose is stuffy")

aren't you glad you know that today?

tonight i'm hoping to do some journaling in my "you don't know me" class workbook and spend some time snuggling with shaun and watching gilmore girls. we're finishing up season six, and watching the downloaded eps 1-3 of this season.

again, more info that is SO exciting for you to know.



today i was at the post office with the kiddos, and they were both doing their regular charming of anyone within a five yard radius.

one lady kept talking to me and them, asking their names and ages and all, being really friendly.

right before we left, she told me "congratulations."

it stuck in my head, and as i walked towards my car, i kept mulling over it, thinking about how in this day and age, that's unusual to hear.

sometimes kids are seen as an annoyance- i've heard more than my share of unwanted opinions and advice concerning the closeness in age that my two are.

it struck me as different- nice- heartwarming that someone would take the time to tell me "congratulations" for having two cutie kids.

as i was loading them into my car, the lady came out and started to get into her car, parked next to mine.

she stopped and said, "i haven't told anyone else this, except for my husband and dr., but i'm five weeks pregnant and so nervous."

she went on to explain that she didn't feel different, and that she was really scared about it. i talked to her for a little bit and hopefully gave her some reassurance. man oh man do i remember those scared feelings, remembering the relief i felt at seeing the heartbeat, hearing the heartbeat, throwing up even... knowing it was a good sign.

i don't know why that little exchange happened, but as a Believer in things having a purpose and meaning on this earth, i hope that i was able to encourage her some.
Blogger Michelle said...
Well, I don't know a time after talking to you I did not feel encouraged. You were there at the right time for many reasons I'm sure. I lub you Virge(can I say it if I don't scrap or does it mean something)I really need some Virge I have a B-day prize for you. Get better first and then maybe me and the little lovelies can come see you.

Blogger Katie said...
You were most definately there for a reason. People kind of congratulate me all the time when I'm with J. He's a charmer too!

Blogger Cheryl Wray said...
What an awesome story! You were obviously put there to reach out to her and reassure her.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You were there at the same time because He arranged it. He saw she need encouragement and inspiration. He always knows what we need even if we don't. I trully beleive He lead me to you and all the IT. I Lub you, girl.

mary h.

Blogger Abbey said...
I love that...God was able to speak into her life through you. That's pretty awesome if you ask me. Hey, if He will use a beaver...he will surely use you! :)

Anonymous adrienne said...
That is cool girl, you never know why we cross the paths of others! Now you have that song stuck in my head lol

Blogger Jennifer said...
Great story Virg - thank you for that. A pet peeve of mine is people who are so negative about kids, theirs or anyone else's. What a nice comment, when your nose is stuffy too. :-) I'm finally blogging:vinesfamily.blogspot.

Blogger Jennifer said...
oops, that's jvinesfamily.blogspot.

Anonymous Julie said...
Ugh!! People are always throwing out unwanted advice and saying harsh things when they see a young mother, so I know what you mean...very nice to hear a sweet "congratulations", I am sure. Neat that what she said touched you, and then you were able to turn around and give her a little comfort too. Everything happens for a reason.

Anonymous Karen said...
That's a great story Virge! Michelle reminded me how great "prizes" are! I forgot all about "prizes"!!! So fun!

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