Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Joe's sermon on Sunday was about the paralyzed man who was lowered through the roof to talk with Jesus. One thing that stuck out to me was that these men were the guy's true friends. They CARRIED him to Jesus. They didn't let a lil' old thing like someone else's home, their ROOF, stop them from bringing him to Him. They loved their friend. They knew he needed to see Jesus. So they made it happen.

They carried him to Jesus.

I have friends that carry me to Him all the time. They may not know it, but when they show me love, through simple acts, they carry me to Him.

Loving me so much, when she knows I'm feeling insecure, writing an amazing blog entry about me that leaves me blushing for days. Hanging out with me, laughing with me, sharing hot chocolate with me. Being out with me on a night when I didn't feel like being with me.


She's taking pictures of my family, seeing the beauty in their little faces, capturing it on film for me. Emailing me a bazillion times a day and making me feel like I have human adult contact every day.


Eating Reese's Peanut Butter ice cream on an October day and and watching your kidlets play together... letting me have a wee break from kid world. Talking about grace. Talking about family.


Laughing at stupid things, munching on Moe's, looking at US weekly and examing plastic surgery, talking about God, talking about growing up, talking about being real, analyzing our thoughts & motives & why we cry. Taking pics in the parking lot at 11:30pm.


Coming over to eat lunch with me, washing my dishes, fixing my sink that sprays water all over me, playing with my kids, talking with me. Keeping our sanity together.


the many many ways my friends show me love. These mentioned above are just the few I experienced over the past few days. Sometimes these simple acts go by, I forget to take note, forget to realize.

But today I am noting:

They are carrying me to Jesus.
Blogger Michelle said...
Well, having a friend like you helps me understand what motivated those friends to care so much. You are a light load to carry if I have ever done such a thing. You have an amazing love for God and I LOVE to talk about Him with you. I always leave feeling encouraged. I know I always say this but you are such an easy friend,which is soooo nice to have a relationship that is restful and free. Thank you Virginia you are so sweet!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
V, I truly beleive He puts certain people in your life at the times when you need them the most. You just have to realize it and let them help. Friends thru Him are truly amazing. So giving and encouraging. You are a wonderful person, that's why so many of your peeps want to help you. I've only known you a short time, but they give but you give lots of love in return.

mary h.

Blogger sohpiasmom said...
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Blogger sohpiasmom said...
This is a touching entry...thanks so much for sharing! I agree with everything you say! It's so nice to have a friend that when you are with them, you can feel the pressence of God! You both are so lucky to have each other!


Blogger sohpiasmom said...
Sorry, I accidently posted twice! EEK!

Blogger Vikki said...
I agree! He puts special people in our lives to help us through good and bad times. You know the saying that "friends are angels that help us fly when our wings can't"!!

Anonymous adrienne said...
What a wonderful entry and I am so thrilled that I had a place in it...LUB you girl!

Anonymous stacey fike said...
very sweet and moving post
very well put :)

Blogger Kimberly said...
Tears, dear friend. I love you and appreciate and love that you are my sister. Love you.

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