Wednesday, October 18, 2006
back into the swing of things.
i've been gone to my grams' house for basically the past week. it is so fun to visit her- but it's HARD as HECK to get back into my normal routine. i mean, i've got to do laundry and wash the dishes and sweep my floors and all that crap again! blah!

i did come home to a clean kitchen thanks to my sweetie of a husband. i hate coming home to a sink full of dishes. it was nice to walk in and see a clean kitchen. :)

i had all these big intentions of scrapping while i was away, but didn't get anything done except to alter a photo album cover to give as a baby shower present to my cousin. it was cute - i wish i'd taken a pic of it. i've got to remember to start doing these things!

i printed off my workbook for shimelle's "you think you know me" class and am going to fill it in today and try to go ahead and alter my cover. i will definitely remember to take a pic of this and share it as i go along. i'm excited about this- feeling very inspired and motivate to record stuff about who i am at this time in my life, especially after several long conversations with my grams about her past. i mean, how cool would it be to have a journal or scrapbook from your grandma from when she was a new mom? i hope my kids and grandkids enjoy mine... and even if they don't, i'm enjoying the creative process. :)

need to go catch up around home... and watch gilmore girls from last night. *sheepish*

xoxo my dears!
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Your kids and grandkids will love it. I so wish my mom would've done this for me to share a piece of her with my children. I can only tell them what I can remember. I really wish she would've kept a journal while going thru her battle with leukemia. It would've meant so much to me knowing why she fought so hard. It will be such a treasure in years to come.

mary h.

Anonymous adrienne said...
Yep, they will love it girl! My girls love reading the LO's i do about me and their dad!!!

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