Wednesday, September 13, 2006
good things
don't you love it when you stumble across something or someone you feel an instant connection to?

i found some charming treasures today online with which i had that feeling.

but first, a little history lesson...

back when the freestyle book came out, i was really excited...

and then (*gasp*) a little wee bit disappointed when i got the book.

(yes, there are cracks and fissions occuring all over the magical kingdom of Scrapbookland as i type this)

it had NOTHING to do with the incredible artists inside... more with what my understand of freestyle.

i've discovered although i love the concept of freestyle, i myself cannot do it. i need more structure... i need to see design. and that's ok- that's freestyle coming full circle, isn't it? doing what is comfortable for me?

anyways, my weird scrapbook philosophies aside, while i admired all the ladies in the freestyle book, i felt a c o n n e c t i o n with Brenda Mae Teo.

yes, her layouts were freestyle, but i feel like she sneaked a little structure in there as well. ;)

but what i mainly loved about her was the spiritual significance of a lot of her layouts.

and today, i stumbled across her blog and her twopeas gallery. i am soooo incredibly inspired.

it's started some sparking in my wee brain cells that has inspired something for my October classes at Scrap Etc.

Sneak Peeks To Appear Soon!


Back to the original intent of this post, so yeah... felt a connection with her immediately. Am LOVIN' her blog and her work.

and some of this links i discovered on her blog.

you should really check them out.

Kiddley- fun & hip everyday ideas for you and your kids (and come on- it's a prettily designed website too! lol)

Loobylu- the original blog that Kiddley spun off of. You MUST read this entry. It made me laugh 'til I cried.


Ok, now I feel like a strange stalker lady. I promise I'm not. Well, other than blog stalking. LOL
Anonymous andrea said...
I think all bloggers are a little like stalkers, but in a good way! It's good to see someone other than me has some halloween going on already~! Thanks for sharing the links, I'm gonna check it out!

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