Wednesday, September 13, 2006
for your viewing pleasure
i figured i'd grace y'all with two posts today since i've been such a bad blogger lately. hee hee

oh and i forgot to mention that my class on friday night rocked the casbah! the ladies that took it were so creative and made some very cool pieces of ART to put in their lives. :)

some random shots from my life this week...

mom, grams, and mallory came up to watch the kiddos while i went to a dental appt.... i made them lunch:
an appropriate shirt:
halloween goodness:

a silly little girl:

wee man:

snuggling with his Dog:
Anonymous Nabeel said...
yes I see everywhere .. the halloween preparation has started .. October 31st right?

Anonymous Nabeel said...
you MADE the breakfast? Croissant, pretzels and apples? whatever happened to Omlette, Juice, Toast with butter ..

Blogger Kimberly said...
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your dining room colors. I'm so glad we got to see you guys on Saturday. It was just really nice. I love your "kiddos". We'll do it again very soon.

Blogger Michelle said...
I love your pics. Your site looks like a magazine to me. I love it! I got your comment on my blog. Hopefully people don't mind me mentioning them. You may be one of the last but certainly not least:)

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