Thursday, September 21, 2006
BOO! Did I scare you? Hahahahaha

I soooo wish Em could be Boo from Monster's Inc for Halloween... any ideas on how to replicate this costume? LOL
Blogger Andy said...
copy and paste this and it should pull one up on ebay. if you can't buy it then at last you can see how it was made.

Blogger Andy said...
actually this page will bring you to a bunch of boo constums that are different prices. hope it helps

Anonymous adrienne said...
That would be TOO cute! LOL

Blogger Cheryl Wray said...
I love Boo! That would be the CUTEST costume!
BTW--my little one calls her "Boo Boo." She has one of the Christmas Boo dolls from the Disney Store and just loves her "Boo Boo"!

Anonymous Julie said...
Heehee....that is too cute, lol!!

Blogger Jennifer said...
We love Boo's character too! I hope you can figure something out!

Blogger quinn said...
i could live my whole life and be content to never again see or hear the phrase, "boo, did i scare you? hahahahaha"
just reading your blog title i got a slight twitch and a headache. i think that damn thing is still around somewhere.
hey, your kiddo's enjoying the popper yet? revenge is sweet.

Blogger Christina said...
soooooooo do-able

I see a mop as the hair, foam balls for eyes, some purple funky fabric and maybe grey felt for the feet????????

I'd so make it for ya.
yep, i make stuff without a pattern and wing it.

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