Friday, September 29, 2006
  • i saw my first child turn 1
  • i gave birth to my 2nd child
  • i read between 50 and 75 books
  • i read harry potter books. again.
  • i was invited to join the Scrap Etc Inspiration Team
  • i moved into our first home
  • i took walks in the cool fall evenings
  • i kept my toenails painted
  • i met Heidi Swapp, Elsie Flannigan, Cathy Zielske, and Heather Preckel
  • I maintained a blog. Kinda.
  • i prayed.
  • i played.
  • i tried to be a friend. i feel like i failed a lot.
  • i was happy.
  • i celebrated my 6th anniversary.
  • i got a bed frame for the first time since we've been married.
  • i grew my hair out.
  • i cut my hair.
  • i discovered that my favorite sounds are my babies' first cry and my children's laughter.
  • i hoped.
  • i cried.
  • i emailed adrienne thousands of times.
  • i obsessed over LOST.
  • i loved my husband.
  • i saw myself. i saw my selfishness.
  • i listened to Over the Rhine, Jump Little Children, and Damien Rice.
  • i cried over mother/daughter relationships while i watched Gilmore Girls.
  • i missed people.
  • i regretted.
  • i celebrated holidays with people i loved.
  • i visited my grams.
  • i cried for a friend.
  • i gained a sister-in-law.
  • i went over my cell phone minutes.
  • i wore flip flops. black ones.

what will happen this year? this #27?
Anonymous rhonda said...
What a GREAT overview!
Happy Birthday!!!!

Blogger Katie said...
Youare so young : )
Sounds like you had a great year.

Anonymous Sue said...
Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous adrienne said...
Happy Bday! I will have to do this for my bday?

Happy Happy Birthday!! I wish I could make you a cake. Maybe I'll just make one in your honor & eat it on your behalf :) Hope you have an awesome day!!

Blogger Christina said...
Happy Birthday V!!!!
Awesome way to recap your last year. Me thinks a layout should come out of this blog entry.

throw some hambly down and get going girl!

Blogger Michelle said...
Happy Birthday girl!!! So glad we're friends!! Just think about 50 years from now... how that list will change.

Blogger Andy said...
happy birthday girl. love the list. great idea. hope you have a wonderful day.

Blogger Karen said...
I love your list! Makes me realize the importance of taking EVERYTHING in!

Anonymous Karen said...
Just testing signing in with my new blog!

Anonymous Julie said...
Happy Birthday!!! Love your list....looks like you did a lot the past year!!

Blogger squeaky said...
happy will enjoy far it is great!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Sorry I didn't tell you on Sat. All the girls had me laughing too much and I was trying to keep myself in check. lol. Here's to another great year.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
V, that was me on the previous post. Wish I lived closer so we could have a Gilmore Girls Girls' night. And now I know with who I can go see the next HP movie.

mary h.

Blogger Abbey said...
Happy belated! I saw this one and had to comment because you can never, ever have too many "Happy B'days"! Hope it was extra special this year.

Blogger Cheryl Wray said...
I LOVE this list!! Such a great way to encapsulate a year! (Can I steal it??!! LOL)
(from someone who just reached 38, but still feels like 27!)

Blogger Sarah said...
Happy Birthday!
Love this list.

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