Sunday, August 13, 2006
somehow, they always go too fast for me.

you see, as a stay at home mom, my days seem to blur together. the only thing that really breaks up my week on a regular basis are the days that shaun is home. the weekends. the days that i have another adult at home to talk to, to watch movies with, to play with the kids, to yell out to "hey- grab that kid!"

this afternoon we actually had a bit of uninterrupted quiet.

rarely does that happen. usually, once we get one kid occupied or sleeping or just plain quiet, the other one starts up. i have VOWED to not have another kid while i still have two other ones in the crying stage. it is so hard, so draining, to have two kids crying and needy and wanting to be held.granted, emerson's needs have thankfully gotten more to the stage where she just wants attention, like a book read to her or whatever, but because her speech isn't fully developed yet, she resorts to a lot of moaning, whining, and groaning if she can't communicate what she wants. or if she realizes that you are trying to ignore her for a moment.atticus, on the other hand, goes back and forth from being sweet and cooing and just hanging out on his own, to total complete meltdown mode... and all he wants is to be held. it drives us crazy. now, don't get me wrong- i love to snuggle my little man, but he does NOT need to be spoiled and held all of the time.because mommy is so often occupied with atticus, em has really become a daddy's girl. i caught them reading together in bed today. so freaking cute.
i got a little scrap - related stuff done. scrap etc. is having a humongous party this coming weekend. if you have a chance, you should stop by. tons of free stuff, prizes, make & takes... good times.

i'm about to put em to bed... and then i will take a bubble bath, maybe watch a movie with shaun, and then once the house is good and quiet- scrap. :)
Blogger Andy said...
i hear you about the weekend. you kids get more cute every pic i see. i love the ones of emerson and shaun reading.

Anonymous Sally said...
hang in there girlie! it's gets easier every day. your babies are so darn adorable. focus on cherishing this time...they get BIG and way too fast.
(your native texan friend!)

Blogger iveyfamily said...
It's amazing what one more person does to help with two little kids!!! I feel the same way on the days that Aaron is home ... things go better.

Anonymous Adrienne said...
Girl...I understand what you are going through...hang in there, and those pics are TOO DANG CUTE!

Blogger Cheryl Wray said...
Great post, Virginia. I feel the exact same way most of the time! I SO look forward to when my DH comes home in the evening and have some "adult" time. I have a 14 and 10 yo in school, but 2 yo still requires a lot of Mommy attention.
Can't wait to come to some of the SEtc party this weekend. Sounds too fun!!

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