Sunday, August 20, 2006
... to grams' house we go...
just got back from visiting shaun's grandma and parents and the rest of the fam... it's always so fun there. i wish we could visit shaun's grandma more often. she's one cool lady.

one of the purposes we were there for was to visit shaun's aunt and uncle. steve was just diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago. i don't think that the prognosis is very good.

he is an awesome man- a wonderful husband and father. he's got these big brown eyes that are always twinkling and he's full of laughter. he's like a big teddy bear; great for big ol' hugs, with his huge grin peeking out from under his bushy mustache. always hugging and kissing on his wife. they laugh together a lot. you can tell that they are best friends. he's so sweet with my kiddos.

i brought my 35mm and took some black and white pics of steve and kathy. i can't wait to get them developed. they are so complete with each other- it shows in the pictures.

please pray for them. it's going to be a really hard journey.


i'm headed off to visit my grams for a few days tomorrow. figured we'd give shaun some time to himself around the house; opportunities to get some projects done around here.

i'm going to do some prep-work for my class at Scrap Etc., spend some time with the fam... grams wants to show off her new hobby lobby. who am i to resist? ;)


and i had to share these pics. i swear, i'm surrounded by some amazingly photogenic people. this is my little guy with his new girlfriend, auntie adrienne.
Blogger squeaky said...
once atticus grows some hair and a goatee he is going to look exactly like shaun. virge, i finally figured out how to put pics on my page so i have 2 on there now if you want to see what my kiddos look like and i'll post more soon. hope you are having a good day.

Anonymous Adrienne said...
Awwww, there is my little man!!! Have a good time girl!

Blogger Cheryl Wray said...
Love the pics of atticus and adrienne. What a cute pair!!
Much prayers for your aunt and uncle!

Blogger Sarah said...
could he be any cuter???? V, he's so adorable. Have fun with your Gram!!

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