Sunday, August 27, 2006
i remember when i was taking tennis lessons in high school, my coach would talk about the "sweet spot" on the tennis racket. (or is that spelled raquet? i can't remember which is which) anyways, it was the spot right in the dead center of the racket/raquet; when the ball hit there perfectly, it was awesome. perfect. just the way you want it to be.

i imagine that great tennis players know just how to use their rackets/raquets to their advantage, to hit that sweet spot every time. i don't know, i could be completely wrong... but if i am, it will totally ruin my analogy. lol

this weekend, i began working on a layout that i had a few ideas for. i knew i wanted to use a particular quote, and i knew which photos i wanted to use. as i was going to bed friday night, i had an image kinda blast into my head using some of the new bohemia line from my mind's eye...

so saturday morning, i began putting down the components that i wanted to use... thought i'd finished it, but when i looked at it later- blah. so back to the drawing board. moved some stuff around, and voila`! i thought i had it.

but once again, i looked at it before church this morning and it still didn't have that "sweet spot" feel for me. so tonight, played with it again, and i finally got it perfect. :) hit that sweet spot. now i keep going in there and looking at my "masterpiece." hee hee

do you get that feeling when you hit the "sweet spot" of scrapbooking (or whatever way you express yourself)?

when you are experienced enough in your craft, does it become easier to use your "tools" to get exactly the look you wanted? can you become more consistent in hitting that perfect game every time? or are you stumped just as much, having to go over and over?

there's a lot more questions that would relate to these, but that's just a beginning. ;)

oh, and i'll share the layout soon! gotta get some pics of it in the daylight.
Anonymous Molly said...
can't wait to see it!

Anonymous Adrienne said...
Can't wait to see this "Sweet" LO! I know its awesome!

Blogger Katie said...
As always, I know it is beautiful! Hurry up and show us already!

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