Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Out with the old
So I realized the other day that my profile pic is oh sayyyyyy... about a year old. LOL Hence today' update, with my brand spanking new hair cut. Next, things will get really wild and crazy up in here when I *gasp* change the banner! ;)

Re: the Hair.It was just getting to me. I love having long hair, but drying and straightening and then ending up pulling it up was just NOT working for me. I'm still getting the hang of this new hair-do. I like it though. I need a curling iron that heats just a tad hotter and we'll be all good.

Here's another full sized pic so you can see me in all my glory. (I'm just going to be honest here and say that like most people, I usually hate pics of myself, especially post=pregnancy, but I actually like these pics of me. Yay! They really hide the double chin well. LOL) ;)

Today I finally got my house clean, after it lay in filth for about a week and a half. We'd been out of town for quite some time, leaving the floors to gather dust (thank goodness for the invention of the Swiffer!), the sink to gather dishes (thanks to bazillions of sippy cups & a husband who likes to experiment with cooking), the hamper to gather laundry... well, you get the idea.

I even got to do a few little *extra* projects like clean out the fridge & wipe down the shelves, and reorganize my kitchen baskets that hold all of my towels. :) Those kinda things make me happy. I don't know a whole lot about Feng Shui (ok, I think I spelled that totally wrong), but I do agree with the premise that your environment can completely affect your mood... and it has. :) I feel a lot more relaxed knowing that my house is in order.

I really want to scrap, but since it's 11:30, I'm thinking it may be a little too late for me to get involved in a project... but only because I have a dental appt. tomorrow to finally get a crown put on the root canal I had a few weeks back.

So, until bedtime, I'll probably browse twopeas
and maybe read a bit more of this interesting blog about the subculture that is
the honest scrapper
(note: this is NOT to be confused with a really nasty & mean blog that had made its rounds recently. this one, although posted anonymously, has some interesting thoughts and discussion in the comments.) :)
Anonymous Adrienne said...
Well don't you look cute girl! Love the new cut...but I told you that already! LOL

Blogger Katie said...
Liking the new cut! And you so do not have a double chin. As I am always saying, "You are SO CUTE!!!"

Anonymous andrea said...
cute new do!
it's that time of year for me when I'm all about getting the house clean after the busy summer, sounds like you are the same!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Really love the new do!!! There's nothing like easy hair!

Anonymous rhonda said...
cute do! I really really really need a makeover----new hair cut and new makeup!!!

Blogger Cheryl Wray said...
Your new pictures and your new haircut are GREAT! So hip!

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