Monday, August 14, 2006
order of the pheonix
HP book five is currently being filmed.

normally, during the filming of the harry potter movies, i try to avoid seeing a lot of pictures, reading spoilers, etc. i learned my lesson when i absorbed every factoid and photo during the making of "prisoner of azkaban" and it kinda spoiled it for me. no magic. so during the filming of "goblet," i avoided it and found the movie experience much more rewarding.

so anyways, in accordance to my no-previewing policy, i've been avoiding reading/seeing too much of the movie 5 news.

now, i must have you know, i am a freakish type harry potter fan, so part of my normal daily internet checking includes reading the "news" at

but today, i broke my resolve, when i saw a link to a pic of Tonks on set. here it is, for all those interested. TONKS HERE

not the greatest pic, but still, makes me all excited to see these things come to life, so to speak.

also, did you know that j k rowling makes $145 a MINUTE? isn't that insane?

i think i need to write a book. LOL


yes, i'm afraid that once again i shared something about myself that i'll probably realize later didn't really need to be aired for public consumption.

hee hee
Anonymous Adrienne said...
LOL...ok, I have NEVER seen a harry potter

Anonymous Molly said...
gosh I wish we lived closer together...

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