Wednesday, August 02, 2006
nothin' at all {heard in our house}
ever thought about the sounds that make your home unique?

the title of this post comes from an episode of "The Simpsons" in which Homer is skiing with Flanders, and Flanders is talking about his ski suit. it's so snug, it feels like he's wearing, "Nothin' at all, nothin' at all."

this is quoted many a time in the T household. :)

another thing quoted currently is to try to include any phrase in which we can insert the term "newbie" from "Scrubs."

Shaun greets Emerson every evening when he comes home from work with "What's up, pup?"

Emerson calls everything (including her little brother) a "ca?" (i.e. cat)

I tell Atticus daily that he's "too darn cute."

I call Emerson "my scunchie."

We listen to Rick & Bubba every morning, then listen to the replay in the afternoons because I don't hear all of the morning show.

At 7pm, Shaun usually turns on the station that Dave Ramsey is on.

Saturdays consist of NPR- "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me- the NPR News Quiz" & the Car Talk guys, Garrison Keillor droning in the background (have you ever noticed how freaking inane most of the jokes on that show are? still, for some reason, it's a comforting sound to me).... Fiona Richie's Irish music show...

Mostly, the music in my cd player rotates between Over the Rhine, Jump Little Children, Cake, Damien Rice, or whatever new cd I have.

Emerson's feet make the sweetest pattering sound as she runs around our hardwood floors.

Atticus coos ALL the time. I've never heard a baby coo as much as he does. I think I'm going to have a talkative little guy on my hands here.

The click click click of Atticus' baby swing.

Nighttime... Em's white noise machine, Atticus' squeaky fan, Shaun's gentle (and, ahem, sometimes NOT so gentle) snores... me dropping things in the scraproom or typing away on the computer.
Anonymous Adrienne said...
What a cute, cute entry!!! Remember the sound of Emerson's feet now....when she turns 10 and is running through that same house, on those SAME hardwood floors, lol, it won't sound so sweet! LOL

Blogger Karen said...
Xavier loved your Simpson quote...he even quoted it for me so I got to hear Flander's tone!

Blogger Cheryl Wray said...
AWESOME post!! And sounds like you have some wonderful sounds in your house!! (what a great LO this post would make, don't you think?)

Blogger iveyfamily said...
love this. i have never met you but heard about you from our mutual friend, Rachel!

love your kids names too!!!

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