Friday, August 11, 2006
i know i know...
i've been a bad blogger once again (coughcoughhereyagogretchencoughcough)

hee hee

and to be honest, i really don't have much of an update tonight,

except to say that i had the best time with the design team girls from scrap etc tonight.

they all came over and we just had girl time. lots of talking about scrapping and the way we do things. so much fun. i needed that, big time.

i finally got to hang out with jessica and julie- they are a couple of sweeties and i'm so glad that they are on our team. emerson LOVED julie. i think she sensed that she was a mommy of another little one close to her age.

we missed you adrienne, christine, tonya, katie, shelley, and cp! (although i had a feeling cp wouldn't make it here all the way from cali. lol)

today, before all the girls came over, i was majorly stressed. it's been a very busy couple of weeks for us. and today, the first day that we've had all day at home, em decided to have a poop accident (don't worry, i won't go into details), both kids were crying all day, i hardly got to sit down and eat, and did i mention the CRYING ALL DAY??!! ugh.

but hanging out with the girls rectified most of that. it was so nice to just hang out. :)

um, i feel like i'm repeating myself over and over, which i think is a sign of being way too tired to be blogging, so i'll sign off. i promise more updates soon. :)

i'll leave you with this. and yes, that is emerson's baby doll stroller. LOL

Anonymous Adrienne said...
BOO HOO!!!! I missed you too!!! BOO HOOO!

Blogger Katie said...
I was so sad I missed it!!!!!
Precious pic of Em and Atticus!

Blogger squeaky said...
what a sweet big sister. pics of siblings are so cute when they don't have each other tied up or taped to the walls or bungee jumping off the roof.

Anonymous gretchen said...
THANK YOU for updating!! :) :)
thanks for having us over! it was a good time!!

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