Sunday, August 27, 2006
everyone has a twin..

12:11 am central time

and here i sit awake... surfing blogs... doing laundry... scrapping a little... reading mags... reading a J Archer book... sipping water... listening to Slade snore... clara jane talk in her sleep... sloan squirm and squeak in his sleep... blogging, dreaming... emailing... journaling...

and so it goes every night. The house falls asleep and I live my solitary hours puttering around. I even moved a piece of furniture tonight and not a single person stirred. That is craziness. Thank goodness the dogs noticed and came to check on me, or someone could walk in her and take whatever they wanted. I love those guys for protecting us. Not a single noise gets past them and they are on hight alert. But i digress...

I live for this time of night. This time to regroup. Except for a few rare occasions, I could not go to sleep if i tried. I need this time as much as i need air. It is the balance to the very over busy daytime life i lead. Thank God for balance and for natures way of providing it.

nope you didn't read that wrong, and it's not bizarro world. no husband named slade, no kids named clara jane or sloan, and no doggies. just my friend molly's blog entry... describing my evenings as well. :) it's nice to know there's other late night owls like me!

Anonymous Molly said...
LOL! that is ripe!

Anonymous Adrienne said...
ROFLOL! I was VERY confused! LOL

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