Tuesday, August 15, 2006
and....... DONE!
woohoo! today was a surprisingly accomplishing day:

  • took a nap
  • ate lunch with a friend
  • let Em play at Chic-Fil-A for about an hour (she was diggin' the play area... usually she just runs around on the floor, but today she joined the big kids up in the hamster-cage-like tubes)
  • mailed an Ebay item at the post office
  • managed to get into the house just as the huge thunderstorm opened up above our heads
  • put away dishes, made beds, straightened the house
  • talked to Michelle
  • got Atticus & Em down for nice afternoon naps
  • EXERCISED! (woooooohoooooo!)
  • uploaded the Scrap Etc. September class schedule (check it out HERE)
  • emailed all the Basic Grey pre-order peeps to let them know that it's gonna be available for pick-up on Thursday (YES! *pumps fist into the air like the major dork that she is* SO excited about playing with this stuff!)
  • laughed at Em's silly antics during dinner
  • bathed the kiddos and thought about how they are actually going to be PLAYING together in the tub in just a few short months
  • got them into bed *sighs of relief all around*
  • messed around on the internet
  • talked to Adrienne
  • Fed Atticus (again!)
  • talked to Mom
  • talked to Donovan
  • talked to Grams
  • Scrapped
  • Made some sourdough bread dough
And now... gonna feed the bebe` again, then do some final cleaning up around the house before the *insert ominous music here* dental appointment tomorrow morning. At least I get to visit with my Grams , Mom, & sis tomorrow b/c they are coming to babysit the kiddos! Yay!

Ciao, mia bellas!
Anonymous Adrienne said...
YAY! you DID get a lot done!!!! WTG!

Blogger Katie said...
I am so impressed! And with TWO little ones!!! I am glad your Mom and Sister are coming so you can have some relief. I dont' know what I'd do if we didn't have so much family around!

Blogger squeaky said...
keep plugging away. this time goes by so fast and then you find yourself with 2 toddlers in the bathtub and you are soaked so that someone just walking in would have thought you had jumped in there with them still wearing all your clothes. ha

Anonymous gretchen said...
pretty darn productive day!! so are you having fun with your BG stuff yet?? :) :)

Anonymous andrea said...
wow, thats a productive day if you ask me! sounds like a good one too, we all need those!

Blogger Cheryl Wray said...
Wow, you did get a lot done today!! Congrats on that! I'm always amazed at how my days go by so quickly!! It seems like my Scout and I are just getting the day started and then it's already time to pick up my older girls from school!

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