Saturday, July 15, 2006
I'm alive y'all.... I've not had a whole lot of extended computer time lately.

I'm getting ready to go teach my first class at Scrap Etc. this afternoon... I have to admit- I'm nervous!

I wanted to answer a few quick questions before I headed out, regarding my last post. ;)

The guy was someone I was very close friends with throughout high school. I always kind of had a crush on him, but he flitted in and out.... he was more of a ladies' man.
We were what I would have considered best friends, and although I had feelings for him, I also valued his friendship very much.

We don't talk anymore... we dated briefly the summer before we both left for college, and although we both went to colleges in Birmingham, we went to different ones and kinda went different ways. We had a rough transition patch trying to figure things out... where our friendship stood, should their be a relationship, etc. I have my own opinions on things, of course, and things became too complicated for us... hence the essay that I wrote.

It's a good thing we ended up the way we did, in the long run. I think I would have continued to carry a torch for him long after what would have been healthy.

And I did happen to meet a handsome fella by the name of Shaun that semester... :)
Anonymous gretchen said...
glad to know you are alive and well!! hope your class went well this afternoon! see you tomorrow!! (right??)

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