Friday, July 21, 2006
i should be scrapping
but instead,

i'm perusing the internet, not really looking for anything, just messing around.

listening to my husband snore, trying to fit in a few more ounces of water.

waiting to feed atticus one more time before i hit the sack.

trying to figure out how i'm going to wear my hair tomorrow (i love to experiment with my hair).

thinking about my new workout dvds. (hoping that i'll see results soon!)

waiting anxiously for fall. these alabama summers are KILLING me.

excited about starting work on some new challenges... the 52 challenges from Elsie (over at


the way cool contest with the effer girls.

oh yeah... and thinking about how very cool my altered clipboard class went. it was awesome. so fun to see others taking something i'd created, and adding their own touches & personalities to it. seeing them excited about something they'd created. hearing stories about photos and scrapping and life. :)

i think i like this teaching thing.
Anonymous Adrienne said...
ROFLOL! yeah.....I kinda like that "teaching" thing too! LOL

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Loved your Clipboard class. I meant to ask who manufactures those papers? I don't recognize them. Judy

Anonymous mollyb said...
Congratulations on your class - I know you had a blast!

and your evening sound eerily like mine... LOL! I do the same thing every night

*gulp water
*surf the net
*wait for a LATE feeding so I can sleep longer when I lay down

oh and I am going to do the effer challenge too - this is a step out for me! can't wait

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