Friday, June 09, 2006
views of home
thought i'd share a few pics of my new pretty bedroom. :)

we're slowly trying to get our house the way *we want it* but it's taking a while. our bedroom is nearly complete, except for:
  • i want to hang something on the wall over our bed, but i'm not sure what
  • we need nightstands, and are currently searching for some...
  • we need to hang the picture over the mantel
here's a pic of how the room looked when we toured the home while someone else lived in it:

The walls were a pale pink.

Here's what it looks like now:

The fireplace:
Our computer area (the shelves are actually crates nailed to the wall... pretty neat shelving ! the desk we refinished ourselves- it was an old library desk from the college we went to... it was coated in several layers of paint.) :

a few detail shots:

My new bedspread...

my little bill paying/calendar area (i altered that planner that you see in the basket):

some fun little items on the mantel- i crackle painted the candle holder. :)
thanks for peeking into my bedroom with me! hopefully i'll be able to post pics of some of the improvements around the rest of the house soon! :)
Anonymous Adrienne said...
Looks great V!!!!

I love your bedroom--it looks awesome!! And I love the fireplace! How cool :)

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